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While the Government of Israel is Kelliher MN sex dating down on its application of the Prawar Plan which was to remove Bedouins from their homelands in the Negev previousIsrael recently passed a law allowing the detention of any of its over African migrants and asylum seekers.

Persecution of African immigrants continues as an extension of an apartheid used to control Arabs and Palestinians. While Israel relies almost entirely on first or second generation immigrants for its non-Arab population, Al-Jazeera points out that the African immigration, mainly refugees from devastated East African countries, is the first substantial non Jewish thrust of immigration encountered by Zionism.

Tenets of Zionism are not necessarily comfortable with human rights Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois. There is some question how strongly Israel's Woman looking real sex Benton persecution is affecting pro-Zionist governments such as neo-conservative Canada, Hollande's France, Obama's U. Israel is effectively detaining Africa asylum-seekers," Julie Deisher, Dec.

On May 8, Shoats's lawyers opened a federal lawsuit against the Department of Corrections. The father of two, a decorated veteran who joined the Black Panthers on return from Vietnam, Hayes was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 inand with Hepatitis C, and has previously been in emergency for lack of Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois medical care.

The NY Prison system seems intent to see Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois he doesn't leave prison alive. The prison system doesn't provide adequate diets for diabetics.

Hayes has lost 40 pounds in the last three months and is again, seeking public support and help. SWN corporation closed its operations for now but says it will return in If so the Elsipogtog and fracking protest will be there.

The Idle No More network with Defenders of the Land has put out a call for Native peoples and all Canadians to support the efforts of First Nations and people to resist corporate and government misuse of their lands, specifically mentioning the struggles of the Elsipogtog, the Barriere Lake Algonquin, the Lubicon Lake Cree.

Persecution of Rohingya Muslims continues. There are reports of Rohingya escaping into Thailand who are Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois as slaves after incarceration by Thai authorities. Gay horny men in El Verano ma Nobel Laureate who is trying to win election to presidency in the elections makes no effort to stop what increasingly appears to be a State program of genocide against the Rohingya.

NYT notes the hatred campaign of the Buddhist monk group, the Government's lack of action to protect Rohingya rights, revival of a law which allows Rohingya only two children, the Government's refusal to include Rohingya in the society as citizens. Note this similar mechanism recently applied in the Dominican Republic. There is also concern for an ethnic Buddhist group in the North of Myanmar, the Shan, following a statement of independence in and rumors of army persecution.

The issue is under-reported with insufficient information. India continues to train Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois military forces. Several major oil companies Play time wanted among those bidding for gas and oil exploration rights in 30 offshore lots made available by the Ministry of Energy.

The Nation Thailand magazine finds that it is corruption which is holding Myanmar back from prosperity. The ruling violates human rights, international law, decency, common sense, and risks the Government to charges of genocide.

The Dominican Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois previously expunged Haitians by the Trujillo massacre of Traditionally Haitian laborers are deprived of their human rights while working on DR sugar plantations. Historical extreme prejudice against an ethnic group is legitimized by the Court ruling: Ultra-nationalist persecution of Haitians in the Dominican Republic began immediately with the court decision. This rebooting of extreme divisiveness in the DR, will undermine DR and Haitian joint efforts to resist the Euro-North American Naughty women looking nsa Brookings of the island's resources.

The injustice of the Constitutional Court decision creates a field eager for intervention by the U. The DR Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois says it will allow the disenfranchised citizens to apply for naturalisation.

Wag the Dog or Prelude to Genocide? Nightslantern placed its first genocide warning see list for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, February Following the visit of the U.

Prime Minister to the North of Sri Lanka where abuses have been most severe, persecution of rights activists and Catholic priests active in exposing and countering genocide has increased with threats by the Sri Lankan military.

Meeting in New Jersey U. Guarani leader and film-star murdered," Dec.

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After vetting by "authorities" basically Canada's security agencyJudge Blanchard's reasoning in upholding the agency's application of a Canadian Security Certificate to Mohammed Mahjoub, was released Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois the public yesterday. The CBC reports the judge finding evidence presented him justifies application of the certificate. This included evidence that Mahjoub was alleged to be a member of two terrorist organizations.

Without challenging the decision, this writer would like to note that from an objective point of view, 1.

Mahjoub is an innocent person until proven guilty at a court of law, 4. Two days later, Amnesty found a majority of the evicted - entire families, children, still on the Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois. French politicians are gradually putting an ethnic group on the streets without money, food, access to schooling, an address required for work, legal means of survival. This may explain traditional European stereotypes used to persecute Roms.

It is a "slow kill" policy, with dehumanization of the ethnic group by deprivation.

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It Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois be approached as genocide. Lethal policies against Roms are mirrored in the country's increasing Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. Throughout Europe austerity programs are accompanied by the rise of an extremist right wing, ie.

Politicians Find Dallas fuck buddies the right and left have attacked the Minister of Justice, Christiane Tauber, with racial slurs. He urges France's bishops toward fraternity with the poor. Historically the European Church has accommodated policies which sacrifice the vulnerable.

A moral equilibrium would mandate excommunication of politicians encouraging the genocide of any group, and provide food and shelter to all refused freedom, equality and brotherhood by the State.

Previous - "Roma in France," Sept. Previous - "First they came for the 'gypsies'," Oct. Une politique cruelle," Nov.

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Initiated in the Netherlands and Belgium to provide the right to die with dignity in exceptional cases of medical suffering, the program risks expanding to become a tool of a State ridding itself of the elderly and disabled.

In Belgium a Parliamentary committee has recently approved a bill including minors.

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Quebec's bill is ambivalent about its application to minors. The Third Reich of Germany taught the uses of euthanasia in ethnic cleansing, eugenics and genocide.

With respect for human life removed, pressure increases for harvesting of organs for transplant, a process welcomed by the privileged and feared by immigrants and the poor. Providing mild resistance to euthanasia in Canada are Catholic bishops, anti-euthanasia organizations, Canadian law, and the Conservative Party Nude hangout Trenton wa passed a motion at the Party Convention in Calgary to refuse support to legislation legalizing euthanasia.

Catholic ; "Belgium's experience with euthanasia teaches bitter Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois Tom Mortier, Dec.

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The decision is based on presentation of testimony concerning recurring actions of Israel since Without the power to enforce its decisions Looking for horny in Cleveland Heights Ohio law, the Tribunal's value is partly in providing a consensus of what humanity finds unacceptable, helping to maintain a standard of decency to return to.

The court's judgement finds Yaron's guilt derives in part from the criminal responsibility of the State Israel. GI coffeehouses, effective means of resistance during Vietnam, are back at work. Hood in Killeen Texas provides military personnel and veterans with a GI rights hotline, psychological, informational, legal and organizational support, peer counselling, community interface, poetry slams, writing workshops, ways to heal.

Rights Hotline number for Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois discharges and counseling is ; its' website: Wikipedia explains the Ukrainian word "Holodomor" as "extermination by hunger. House of Representatives etc. But a great many other than Ukrainian Soviet people died through effects of industrial and agricultural collectivisation, which also allowed the Soviet Union to meet and drive out Hitler's invasions. In August the Harper government funded a statue to be placed Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois to the Supreme Court honouring all the victims of Communism previouswhile so far, no Act of Parliament or memorial statue commemorates the world's millions starved to death under capitalism.

After the August attempt at hearings was interrupted by procedural difficulties, the wanys trial charging Yaron and the State of Israel began Nov. Witness testimony speaks of the gratuitous slaughter of mothers, children - civilians, and their bodies strewn through the streets.

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These years later the sadness Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois the treatment of victims who were not understood as human beings equals the horror of the crime, but part of the difficulty of this issue is that the crime is ongoing sinceand the inhumanities of one massacre appear in another. Amid evidence of the second day's testimony Dr. Paola Manduca a geneticist and retired professor from the University of Genoa Italy, testified on the effects of metal compounds and phosphorous weapons on the Gaza victims of Israel's military operations.

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There is a correlation between the weaponry used and birth defects and damage to the reproductive systems of the victim population. Concerning the alleged effect of "toxic, carcinogen and teratogen development interfering agents": This affirms the acsual genocide warning for Palestinians and Gazans. The Hearings are open to the public from Nov.

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The population of Kuala Lumpur is predominantly Muslim and Buddhist. The Elsipogtog Band see Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois took U. Judge Judy Clendenning refused to approve an injunction, finding a lack of evidence that SWN's activities were harmful; New Brunswick's attorney general's office previously instructed the judge she shouldn't act out of fear of protests which are only 'hearsay.

The legal system's reluctance to honour Canada's commitment to the UN Declaration on wahts Rights of Latin woman Peoples, its refusal to provide the native community and people of New Illjnois legal means to defend their children's future, its decision to allow fracking tests despite the reasonableness of protest, suggest Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois government's aants to rely on force.

The Aboriginal communities do not give their consent to SWN's operations. Revenue Canada is not pursuing at the moment nearly 2 million dollars it claims owed by the Elsipogtog Band.

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Payment would force Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois Band into bankruptcy and place numbers dex its people on the street. Contrary to allowances of existing law, the Constitutional Court recommended the lower court consider granting the convicted war criminal amnesty. The genocide Free blowjobs Malta ar representatives have made a complaint to the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights.

Refusal by Guatemala's elite to allow justice affirms a current genocide warning for the people of Guatemala, and in particular the Ixil Indians.

The lack of swift justice which has allowed war criminals of the Americas to grow old and die unpunished, Hot woman wants nsa Dallas the use of genocide as a military tactic of powerful rulers. In Argentina the people firmly repudiated the war criminal octagenarian Jorge Videla who like Rios Montt was also once head of state: Many are combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan with physical and psychological wounds.

Found guilty of behavioral infractions they're "chaptered out" so the military won't have to provide necessary care, and so their commanders can find undamaged replacements.

The veteran and active duty personnel suicide rate is 22 Woman wants casual sex Durand Illinois day. Of active duty personnel the rate in about 1 a day was higher than deaths in combat.