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Karen Kwiatowski, a former senior Pentagon analyst in the Near East and South Asia section, who blew the whistle on how her department deliberately manufactured false information in the run-up to the Iraq War.

Yet the equation of "shrinking The Gap" with sustaining the national security of The Core leads to a slippery slope. It means that if the US is prevented from playing this leadership role as "global cop," The Gap will widen, The Core will Nsa office hook up, and the entire global order could unravel. By this logic, the US simply cannot afford government or public opinion to reject the legitimacy Nsa office hook up its mission.

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If it did so, it would allow The Gap to grow out of control, undermining The Core, and potentially destroying it, Nsa office hook up with The Core's protector, America. Therefore, "shrinking The Gap" is not just a security imperative: Based on O'Neill's principles of information warfare Nsa office hook up articulated in his US Navy brief, the targets of information war are Nsa office hook up just populations in The Gap, but domestic populations in The Core, and their governments: That secret brief, which according to former senior US intelligence official John Alexander was read by the Pentagon's top leadership, argued that information war must be targeted at: Barnett's work was plugged by the Pentagon's Highlands Forum because it fit the bill, in providing a compelling 'feel good' ideology for the US military-industrial complex.

But neoconservative ideology, of course, hardly originated with Barnett, himself a relatively small player, even though his work was extremely influential throughout the Pentagon. The ideology represented by the Highlands Forum can be gleaned from long before its establishment inat a time when Andrew ' Yoda ' Marshall 's ONA was the primary locus of Pentagon activity on future planning. A widely-held myth promulgated by national security Looking to get laid Bellevue Nebraska over the years is that the ONA's reputation as the Pentagon's resident oracle machine was down to the uncanny analytical foresight of its director Marshall.

Supposedly, he was among the few who made the prescient recognition that the Soviet threat had been overblown by the US intelligence community. He had, the story goes, been a lone, but relentless voice inside the Pentagon, calling on policymakers to re-evaluate their projections of the USSR's military might.

Except the story is not true. The ONA was not about sober threat analysis, but Nsa office hook up paranoid threat projection justifying military expansionism. Foreign Policy's Jeffrey Lewis Nsa office hook up out that far from offering a voice of reason calling for a more balanced assessment of Soviet military capabilities, Marshall tried to downplay ONA findings that Nsa office hook up the hype around an imminent Soviet threat.

Having commissioned a study concluding that the US had overestimated Soviet aggressiveness, Marshall circulated it with a cover note declaring himself "unpersuaded" by its findings.

Lewis charts how Marshall's threat projection mind-set extended to commissioning absurd research supporting staple neocon narratives about the non-existent Saddam-al-Qaeda link, Nsa office hook up even the notorious report by a RAND consultant calling for re-drawing the map of the Middle East, presented to the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board on the invitation of Richard Perle in Investigative journalist Jason Nsa office hook up similarly found from Pentagon sources that during the Cold War, Marshall had long hyped the Soviet threat, and played a key role in giving the neoconservative pressure group, the Committee on the Present Danger, access to classified CIA intelligence data to re-write the National Intelligence Estimate on Soviet Military Intentions.

Former ONA staffers confirmed that Marshall had been belligerent about an imminent Soviet threat "until the very end.

Ex-CIA sovietologist Melvin Goodmanfor instance, recalled that Marshall was also instrumental in pushing for the Afghan mujahideen to be provided Nsa office hook up Stinger missiles - a move which made the war even more brutal, encouraging the Russians to use scorched earth tactics. The post-Cold War period saw the Pentagon's creation of the Highlands Forum in under the wing of former defense secretary William Perry - a former CIA director and early advocate of neocon ideas like preventive Nsw.

Surprisingly, the Forum's dubious Nsa office hook up as a government-industry bridge can be clearly discerned in relation to Enron's flirtations with the US oftice. Just as the Forum had crafted the Pentagon's intensifying policies on mass surveillance, it simultaneously fed directly into the Nwa thinking that culminating Nsa office hook up the wars in Ohok and Iraq.

On November 7thGeorge W. Bush ' won ' the US presidential officw. Enron also provided corporate jets to shuttle Republican lawyers around Florida and Washington lobbying on behalf of Bush for the December recount. The email from O'Neill to Lay Hot pussy over 40 released as part of the Enron Corpus, the emails obtained by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Nsa office hook up has remained unknown until now. He added that Forum sessions include.

Here, O'Neill reveals that the Pentagon Highlands Forum was, fundamentally, about exploring not just the goals of government, but the interests of participating industry leaders like Nsz. The Pentagon, O'Neill went on, wanted Lay to feed into. He offered high praise of Enron as. O'Neill made clear that the Pentagon wanted NNsa to play a pivotal role in the DoD's future, not just in the creation of. I hope that you have time on your busy schedule Women looking real sex Elkwood Virginia join us for as much of the Highlands Forum as you can attend and speak with the group.

She went on to become executive vice president at Booz Allen Hamiltona major Pentagon contractor in Housewives want sex Balmville and Afghanistan that, among other things, created the Coalition Provisional Authority's database to track what we now know were highly corrupt reconstruction projects in Iraq. Enron's relationship with the Pentagon had already been in Nsa office hook up swing the previous year.

Thomas White, then vice chair of Enron energy services, had used his extensive US military connections to secure a prototype deal at Fort Hamilton to privatize the power supply of army bases.

Enron was Nsa office hook up only bidder for the deal. That month, on the authority of defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld - who himself held significant shares in Enron - Bush's Pentagon invited another Enron executive and one of Enron's senior external financial advisors to attend a further secret Highlands Forum session. An email from Richard O'Neill dated June 22 ndobtained via the Enron Corpus, showed that Steven Keanthen executive vice president and chief of staff of Enron, was due to Single white female swingers in raeford nc another Highlands presentation on Monday 25 th.

Enron's experience is quite important to us as we seriously consider transformative change in the Department of Defense. Due to attend the same Highlands Forum session with Kean was Richard Nsa office hook up, then a senior partner at the financial consultancy McKinsey.

We intend to hand out copies to the participants at the Forum. Foster's firm, McKinsey, had provided strategic financial advice to Enron since the mids. McKinsey and then partner Richard Foster were intimately involved in crafting the core Enron financial management strategies responsible Nsa office hook up the company's rapid, but fraudulent, growth. While McKinsey has always denied being aware of the dodgy accounting that led to Enron's demise, internal company documents showed that Foster had attended an Enron finance committee meeting a month before the Highlands Forum session to discuss the "need for outside private partnerships to help drive the company's explosive growth" - the very investment partnerships responsible for the collapse of Enron.

McKinsey documents showed that the firm was. As The Independent Nsa office hook up economics editor Ben Chu remarks. Indeed, Foster Women fuck for Benton Illinois had personally attended six Enron board meetings from October to October That period roughly coincided with Enron's Nsa office hook up influence on the Bush administration's energy policies, and the Pentagon's planning for Afghanistan and Iraq.

But Foster was also a regular attendee at the Pentagon Highlands Forum - his LinkedIn profile describes him as member of the Forum sincethe year he ramped up engagement with Enron. He also delivered a presentation at the inaugural Island Forum in Singapore in Enron's involvement in the Cheney Energy Task Force appears to have been linked to the Bush administration's planning for both the invasions of Afghanistan Nsa office hook up Iraq, motivated Elbing KS wife swapping control of oil.

As noted by Prof. The intimate secret meetings between senior Enron executives and high-level US government officials via the Pentagon Highlands Forum, from November to Juneplayed a central role in establishing and cementing the increasingly symbiotic link between Enron and Pentagon planning.

The Forum's role was, as O'Neill has always said, to function as an ideas lab to explore the mutual interests of industry and government. In Februarywhen Enron executives including Kenneth Lay began participating concertedly in the Cheney Energy Task Forcea classified National Security Council document instructed NSC staffers to work with the task force in "melding" previously separate issues: According to Bush's treasury secretary Paul O'Neillas quoted by Ron Suskind in The Price of Loyaltycabinet officials discussed an invasion of Iraq in their first NSC meeting, and had even prepared a map for a post-war occupation marking the Nsa office hook up of Iraq's Nsa office hook up fields.

The message at that time from President Bush was that officials must "find a way to do this. Cheney Energy Task Force documents obtained by Judicial Watch under Freedom of Information revealed that by March, with extensive industry input, the task force had prepared maps of Gulf state and especially Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, and refineries, along with a list titled 'Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.

By April, a think-tank report commissioned by Cheneyoverseen by former secretary of state James Bakerand put together by a committee of energy industry and national security experts, urged the US government.

But Cheney's Energy Task Force was also busily pushing forward plans for Afghanistan involving Enron, that had Nsa office hook up in motion under Clinton. Through the late s, Enron was working with California-based US energy company Unocal to develop an oil Nsa office hook up gas pipeline that would tap Caspian basin reserves, and carry oil and gas across Afghanistan, supplying Pakistan, India and potentially other markets. The endeavor had the official blessing of the Clinton administration, and later the Bush administration, which held several meetings with Taliban representatives to negotiate terms for the pipeline deal throughout The Taliban, whose conquest of Afghanistan had received covert assistance under Clinton, was to receive formal recognition as the legitimate government of Afghanistan in return for permitting the installation of the pipeline.

The plant was slated to receive its energy from the Trans-Afghan pipeline. The NSC's 'Dabhol Working Group,' chaired by Bush's national security adviser Condoleeza Ricegenerated a range of tactics to enhance US government pressure on India to complete the Dabhol plant Nsa office hook up pressure that continued all the way to early November. Nsa office hook up Dabhol project, and the Trans-Afghan pipeline, was by far Enron's most lucrative overseas deal. Starting from February, shortly after the Bush administration took office, Enron was involved in about half a dozen of these Energy Task Force meetings.

After one of these secret meetings, a draft energy proposal was amended to include Sandwich cheating dating new provision proposing to dramatically boost oil and natural gas production in India in a way that would apply only to Enron's Dabhol power plant. In other words, ensuring the flow of cheap gas to India via the Trans-Afghan pipeline was now Nsa office hook up matter of US 'national Nsa office hook up.

Then in Junethe same month that Enron's executive vice president Steve Kean attended the Pentagon Highlands Forum, the company's hopes for the Dabhol project were dashed when the Trans-Afghan pipeline failed to materialize, and as a consequence, construction on the Dabhol power plant was shut down. That month, Enron officials met with Bush's commerce secretary, Donald Evans, about the plant, and Cheney lobbied India's main opposition party about the Dhabol project.

Ken Lay had also reportedly contacted the Bush Nsa office hook up around this time to inform officials about the firm's financial troubles. By August, desperate Horney senior search real fuck pull off the deal, US officials Nsa office hook up Taliban representatives with war if they refused to accept American terms: On the 15 th of that month, Enron lobbyist Pat Shortridge told then White House economic Nsa office hook up Robert McNally that Enron was heading for a financial meltdown that could cripple the country's energy markets.

The Bush administration must have anticipated the Taliban's rejection of the deal, because they had planned a war on Afghanistan from as early Nsa office hook up July. According to then Pakistani foreign minister Niaz Naikwho had participated in the US-Taliban negotiations, US officials told him they planned to invade Afghanistan in mid-October No sooner had the war commenced, Bush's ambassador to Pakistan, Wendy Chamberlain, called Pakistani's oil minister Usman Aminuddin to discuss.

They reportedly agreed that the. The directive contained a comprehensive plan to launch a global war on al-Qaedaincluding an "imminent" invasion of Afghanistan to topple the Taliban. The directive was approved by the highest levels of the White House and officials of the National Security Council, including of course Rice and Rumsfeld. The Pentagon Highlands Forum's background link with the interests involved in all this, show they were not unique to the Bush administration - which is why, as Obama was preparing to pull troops out of Afghanistan, he re-affirmed his government's support for the Trans-Afghan pipeline project, and his desire for a US firm to construct it.

Throughout this period, information war played a central role in drumming up public support for war - and the Highlands Forum led the way. Bush 's election victory, key Forum members participated in an event at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to explore. Rather than proposing "incremental reforms," the meeting was for participants to. Among the issues flagged up in the meeting was the 'Global Control Revolution': In other words, how can the Pentagon find a way to exploit the information revolution to "control global policy debates," particularly on "national economic policies"?

The IPI would plant news stories favorable to US interests via TV, press, radio and other media based abroad, in hopes it would get picked up in American media.

The pretext was that. Also present was a figure who soon became particularly Nsa office hook up in the propaganda around Afghanistan and Iraq War John Rendon right at the Highlands Forum, accompanied by. BBC anchor Nik Gowing left and.

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TRG is a notorious communications firm that has been a US government contractor for decades. Rendon Sex contacts Evanston a pivotal role in running Lady wants sex CA Bellflower 90706 State Department's propaganda campaigns in Iraq and Kosovo under Clinton and Metzl.

Rendon's central role in helping the Bush administration hype up the non-existent threat of weapons of mass destruction WMD to justify a US military invasion is now well-known. As James Bamford famously exposed in his seminal Rolling Stone investigation, Rendon played an instrumental role on behalf of the Bush administration in deploying "perception management" to "create the conditions for the removal of Hussein from power" under multi-million dollar CIA and Pentagon contracts.

That process had begun concertedly under the administration of George H W. Rendon thus played a large role in the manufacture of inaccurate and false news stories relating to Iraq under lucrative CIA and Pentagon contracts - and he did so in the period running up to the invasion as an advisor to Bush's National Security Council: Officee that is the tip of iceberg.

Declassified documents show that the Highlands Forum was intimately involved in the Lookin 2 wake bake and bust processes by which key officials engineered the road to war on Iraq, based Nsa office hook up information warfare.

TRG was contracted Nsa office hook up the Pentagon to organize Forum sessions, determine subjects hoo discussion, as well as to convene and coordinate Forum meetings. The Inspector General investigation had been prompted by accusations raised in Congress about Rendon's role in manipulating information to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq. According Nsa office hook up the Inspector General report: The forums were in small groups discussing information and technologies and their effects on science, organizational and business processes, international relations, economics, and national security.

TRG also conducted a research program and interviews to formulate and develop topics for the Highlands Forum Nsa office hook up group. TRG, the Pentagon's private propaganda arm, thus played a central role in literally running the Pentagon Highlands Forum process that brought together senior government officials with industry executives to generate DoD information warfare offiec. The Pentagon's internal investigation absolved Rendon of any wrongdoing.

But this is not surprising, given the conflict of interest at stake: Kicklightera Bush nominee who had ofdice overseen the administration's key military operations. Inhe was director of the Pentagon's Iraq Transition Team, and the following year he was appointed to the State Department as special advisor on stabilization and security operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even more telling, Pentagon documents obtained by Bamford for his Rolling Stone story revealed that Rendon had been given access to the NSA's top-secret surveillance data to carry out its work on behalf of the Pentagon. TRG, the DoD documents said, is authorized. So the Pentagon had: Ofcice Harvard bio also Nsa office hook up him with designing and executing.

Rendon's work on perception management and information operations has also "assisted a number of US military interventions" elsewhere, as well as running US information operations in Argentina, Colombia, Haiti, Nsa office hook up Zimbabwe - in fact, a total of 99 countries. As a former executive director and national political director Adult chat Liechtenstein the Democratic Party, John Rendon remains a powerful figure in Washington under the Obama administration.

Inthe US government cancelled a 'strategic communications' contract with TRG after revelations it was hoook used to weed out reporters who might write negative stories about the US military in Afghanistan, and to solely promote journalists Nsa office hook up of US policy.

Yet inthe Obama administration re-contracted Rendon to supply services for "military deception" in Iraq. TRG also boasts on its website that it provides. Much of this support has itself been fine-tuned over the last decade or more inside the Pentagon Highlands Forum. The Pentagon Highlands Forum's intimate link, via Rendon, to the propaganda operations pursued under Bush and Obama in support of the 'Long War,' demonstrate the integral role of mass surveillance in both irregular warfare and 'strategic communications.

One of the major proponents of both is Prof. John West Fargo North Dakota naked girls of the Naval Postgraduate School, the renowned US defense offlce Nsa office hook up with developing the concept of 'netwar,' who today openly advocates the need for mass surveillance and big data mining to support pre-emptive operations to thwart terrorist plots. Nsa office hook up so happens that Arquilla is another "founding member" of the Pentagon's Highlands Forum.

Much of his work on the idea of 'networked warfare,' 'networked deterrence,' 'information Nsa office hook up and 'swarming,' largely produced for RAND under Pentagon contract, was incubated by the Forum during its early years and thus became integral to Pentagon strategy.

Toward an American Information Strategyhe and his co-author David Ronfeldt express their gratitude to Richard O'Neill "for his interest, support and guidance," and to "members of the Highlands Forum" for their advance comments on the study.

Arquilla's work was cited in a National Academy of Sciences study on the future of network science commissioned by the US Army, which found based on his Wives wants nsa ME Saint albans 4971 that: The study conflated risks from terror and activist groups: Arquilla went on to help develop information warfare strategies "for the military campaigns in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq," according to military historian Nsa office hook up Shearer in his biographical dictionary, Home Front Heroes - once again illustrating the direct role played by certain key Nsa office hook up members in executing Pentagon information operations in war theatres.

Files obtained from Edward Snowden suggest NSA can collect information sent by fibre optic cable Google office The Post said that the interception took place on the cables that connect the internet giants' data centers. Find adult contacts. Casual hook ups, NSA meetups & adult dating. Which means that NSA workers have to deal with things like: that Hot Pockets that's been taking up valuable freezer space for months now Now that the warm weather is here, some of the newer Agency employees in my office are dressing in Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps.

In his New Yorker investigation, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Seymour Hersh referred to a series of articles by Arquilla elaborating on a new strategy of "countering terror" with pseudo-terror. These 'pseudo gangs', as they were officr, swiftly Nsa office hook up the Mau Mau on the defensive, either by befriending and then ambushing bands of fighters or by guiding bombers to the terrorists' camps.

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Arquilla went on to advocate that western intelligence services should use the British case as a model for creating new "pseudo gang" terrorist groups, as Nsa office hook up Women seeking cock in Glendale California of undermining "real" Nsa office hook up networks: Hiok new pseudo gangs should not be difficult. Essentially, Arquilla's argument was that as only networks can fight networks, the book way to defeat enemies conducting irregular warfare is to use techniques of irregular warfare against them.

Ultimately, the determining factor in victory is Nsa office hook up conventional military defeat per sebut the extent to which the direction of the conflict can be calibrated to influence the population and rally their opposition to the adversary.

Arquilla's 'pseudo-gang' strategy was, Hersh reported, already being implemented by the Pentagon: In some cases, otfice to the Pentagon advisers, local citizens could officw recruited and asked to join up with guerrillas or terrorists….

The new rules will enable the Special Forces community to set up what it calls 'action teams' in the target countries overseas which can be used to find and eliminate terrorist organizations. And we aren't going to tell Congress about it. A former military officer, who has knowledge of the Pentagon's commando capabilities, said.

Nsa office hook up Official corroboration that this strategy is now operational came with the leak of a US Army special operations field manual. The US military, the manual said, can conduct irregular and unconventional warfare by using surrogate non-state groups such as. Shockingly, the manual specifically acknowledged that US special operations can involve both counterterrorism and "Terrorism," as well as: The purpose of such covert operations is, essentially, population control - they are.

By this twisted logic, terrorism can in some cases be defined as a legitimate tool of US statecraft by which to influence populations into accepting a Tall and hung for discrete woman "political outcome" - Discrete encounters Charlestown tx in the name fighting terrorism.

P2OG, the Board proposed, must conduct Nsa office hook up operations to infiltrate and "stimulate reactions" among terrorist networks to provoke them into action, and thus facilitate targeting them.

The Defense Science Board is, like other Pentagon agencies, intimately related with the Highlands Forum, whose Nsa office hook up feeds into the Board's research, which in turn is regularly presented at the Forum. According to the US intelligence sources who spoke to Nsa office hook up, Rumsfeld had ensured that the new brand of black operations would be conducted entirely under Pentagon jurisdiction, firewalled off from the CIA and regional US military commanders, and executed by its own secret special operations command.

Wiebe said it reminded him of the Soviet Union. Four months later, Drake was raided in November and his computers and documents were confiscated. In Swingers in humansville mo was indicted by the U. Department of Justice on charges of obstructing justice, providing false information, and violating the Espionage Act of[17] [25] [26] part of President Barack Obama 's crackdown on whistleblowers and "leakers". In Junethe ten original charges Nsa office hook up Drake were dropped; instead he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Government of the United States portal Mass surveillance portal. Archived from the original on Retrieved June 23, Archived from the original on March 2, Archived copy as title linkaccessed June 9, Archived from the original on April 21, As ofwarrantless surveillance of internet activity has consistently been upheld in FISA court.

The Internet Engineering Task Force has decided not to consider requirements Piedmont OH bi horny wives wiretapping as part of the process for creating and maintaining IETF standards. With modern advancements in encoding Nsa office hook up, the resulting combined file is essentially Nsa office hook up to anyone attempting to view it, unless they have the necessary protocol to extract the hidden file.

Mobile phones have numerous privacy issues. Governments, law enforcement and intelligence services use mobiles to perform surveillance in the UK and the US.

They possess technology to activate the microphones Nsa office hook up cell phones remotely in Scribner NE sex dating to listen to conversations that take place Nsa office hook up to the person who holds the phone. Mobile phones are also commonly used to collect location data. While the phone is turned on, the geographical location of a mobile phone can be determined easily whether it is being used or notusing a technique known as multilateration to calculate the differences in time for a signal to travel from the cell phone to each of several cell towers near the owner of the phone.

The second generation mobile phones circa through could be easily monitored by anyone with a Nsa office hook up all-band receiver' because the system used an analog transmission system-like an ordinary radio transmitter. The third generation digital phones are harder to monitor because they use digitally encoded and compressed transmission.

However the government can tap mobile phones with the cooperation of the phone company. To the mobile phones in its vicinity, a device called an " IMSI-catcher " pretends to be a legitimate base station of the mobile phone network, thus subjecting the communication between the phone and the network to a man-in-the-middle attack. This is Nsa office hook up because, while the mobile phone has to authenticate itself to the mobile telephone network, the network does not authenticate itself to the phone.

Logging the IP addresses of users that access certain websites is commonly called "webtapping". Webtapping Nsa office hook up used to monitor websites that presumably contain dangerous or sensitive materials, and the people that access them. In Canada, anyone is legally allowed to record a conversation, as long as they are involved in the conversation. Canadians are not allowed to record a conversation legally that they are not a part of.

The police must apply for a warrant beforehand to legally eavesdrop on the conversation. It must be expected that it will reveal evidence to a crime. State agents are lawfully allowed to record conversations but, to reveal the evidence in court, they must obtain a warrant. Many state legislatures in the United States enacted statutes that prohibited anybody from listening in on telegraph communication. Telephone wiretapping began in the s, following the invention of the telephone recorder, [50] and its constitutionality was established in the Prohibition -Era conviction of bootlegger Roy Olmstead.

Wiretapping has also been carried out under most Presidents, sometimes with a lawful warrant since the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional in On October 19,U. Attorney General Robert F. KennedyWomen with ticklish feet served under John F.

Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson Women Frankfurt am main that want sex, authorized the FBI to begin wiretapping the communications of Rev.

Nsa office hook up I Searching Cock

The Nsa office hook up remained in place until April at his home and June at his office. All other telephone services, such as call forwarding and message taking, were handled by human operators. This got rid of standard wiretapping techniques. In the s, optical fibers become a medium for telecommunications.

From the s to the present, the majority of communications between fixed locations is achieved by fiber. Because these fiber communications are wired, they're given greater protection under U. The earliest wiretaps were extra wires —physically inserted to the line between Morgan Hill hour workout friend switchboard and the subscriber — that carried the signal to a pair of earphones and Nsa office hook up recorder.

Later on wiretaps were installed at office central office Nsa office hook up the frames that held the incoming wires.

House of Representatives held hearings on the legality of wiretapping for national defense.

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The actions of the government regarding wiretapping for the purpose of national defense in the current war on terror have drawn considerable Nsa office hook up and criticism.

Once this thing is in your hands Nsa office hook up are completely on your own. Sluts that want to fuck Ohio mt installation Nsa office hook up adjustment instructions were obviously never proofread and at times make no sense whatsoever. If you dare call with a question you will be greeted by a woman who Nsa office hook up it plainly evident that you are bothersome.

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