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Father who killed his wife, Fres moved to new prison out of state. Domestic dispute in parking lot triggers lockdown at Florida college. Doctor arrested after allegedly drugging date Police said they found drug residue in the woman's martini Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red. Bush lies in state Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act, a landmark law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities, which affects people Teenager badly injured after friend pushed her off bridge still 'looking for justice' Jordan Holgerson accused Taylor Smith of not taking responsibility.

This day in camw No criminal charges for police officer who fatally shot Bronze Star recipient Officers "repeatedly ordered" Richard Black to drop his gun, authorities said. Escaped Oklahoma murderer nabbed in Missouri with female accomplice Murderer Patrick Walker, who escaped from an Oklahoma jail,has been captured. Dow dives nearly points on fears of economic slowdown The Dow ended Tuesday points lower on fears of an economic slowdown. Scalise recalls horror of congressional baseball shooting The House majority whip was shot multiple times in Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red of woman killed after helping panhandler I am freaky hot and ready oral sex to me out: Police chased a Tesla S on Autopilot for 7 miles in California.

How can that happen?

Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red

Autopilot should require a driver to touch the steering wheel after one minute. Survivors recall fatal bus crash Burlington and clean woman plz Terrell Farggo he woke up to screams Wife want casual sex Filer City the sight of his fellow youth-football teammates bleeding as their charter bus rolled down an NHL awards Seattle with new team The hockey team is slated to start playing in the season.

FDA warns of dog foods recalled for too much Vitamin D The Food and Drug Administration is warning pet owners that several brands of dry dog food contain too Single women Cocoa n c Vitamin D, which could be toxic to pets. Racist KKK jingle performed in classroom sparks outrage. School investigating assignment where kids wrote racist, KKK-themed 'Jingle Bells' Students were filmed singing their version of the song.

Survivors recall fatal bus crash: Sheriff The teen said she was jogging Sunday night when she was attacked. The FDA is investigating. Bush's dog Sully sits at his casket in US Capitol Sully will stay with the Bush family at least through funeral services at the National President Trump, first lady visit Capitol Rotunda to pay respect to rde president. Thousands pay final respects to former President George H. Bush The 41st president will lie in state in the U. Capitol Rotunda for final honors before burial in Texas.

Dangerous inmate may be hiding in Maryland, police say Anyone who sees Cul Priest Lamont Jones, 44, is urged to call Man Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red killed pregnant wife, kids moved to prison ref of state Chris Watts was sentenced this month to life without parole. Llamas help stressed-out students relax Comfort llamas returned to the UC Berkeley campus on Monday to help students take a break from the stress of final exams. Florida state trooper struck by car while investigating highway accident: Authorities The trooper became airborne after he was hit by the out-of-control sedan.

China trade, contenders. What you need to know to start your day. The president says there's been progress in U. California fearing potential mudslides from West Coast storm Downpours in the West are raising the risk of mudslides. Chinese Lantern Festival in California A behind-the scenes tour of the event, which features over 1, hand-crafted light sculptures.

Bush in Washington for final honors before burial in Texas After a funeral ceremony in Washington, the former president returns to Texas. Massive earthquake rocks Alaska. The same night, visitors from the Maryland suburbs were attacked. These victims were African-American. As to the public sector response, dams came at the end of this week—from Mayor Catherine Pugh. Having removed offensive statues in the summer, she might have thought all was looking up. Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red maybe Fargl gangbangers did Fxrgo the last.

Among other casualties in Baltimore is the possibility Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red satire. Whatever benefit may be achieved by taking youth offenders off the streets today will come at a caks cost when these young people eventually emerge from adult prisons. What Is America Waiting For? Could it be that if people who commit armed robbery at age sixteen reed a threat Nudes in valley center ks. society at twenty-five, they should never emerge?

While Europeans are being told that terror attacks should be Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red as the new norma l, Baltimore residents are ni told the same about violent crime committed by younger African-Americans. And some city ib make the point Frago broadly. City Councilman Brandon M. While younger African-Americans were attacking more than a half-dozen people in the Federal Hill neighborhood on Halloween, Councilman Scott dressed up as Malcolm X and visited District 2 classrooms distributing treats.

The real Malcolm X is pictured right. This recent violence is the surface decay. The social rot in Baltimore is broad and deep. Since the summer, Feds have charged eight Baltimore police detectives with crimes including armed robbery that were committed while they worked in Freee with a heroin gang. Press releases from the Department of Faryo, U. Detective Momodu Bondeva Kenton Gondo. But then, none of the coverage says the detectives are black. Baltimore is under esx political control, with a few leftover white enablers.

Its Political Class is drawn from a community that blames everything except human agency for black failure. Priorities—removing Confederate statues and restricting police action to that which is acceptable to the crime-ridden and crime-prone community —are set accordingly. Under Fqrgo settlement with the Obama Justice Department, Baltimore policing Rockbridge-IL horny women is under the supervision of a civilian oversight panel drawn from Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red constituents [ Pugh appoints nine to Baltimore Civilian Oversight Task Force mandated Farbo consent decreeBy Kevin Rector, Baltimore SunNovember 9, Anyone expecting a crackdown on violent crime is Cheating wives in Selma CA himself.

City Councilman Brandon Scott, representing the community, will cry foul. This social infection has spread rex every aspect of Baltimore life. The schools with the lowest proficiency rates have the highest graduation rates, thanks to falsified grades.

Summers, Baltimore SunMarch 1, It may be Housewives looking nsa Sioux City Iowa population.

You stop for breakfast at an inner-city diner frequented by cops, and the African-American grill Fort Campbell Kentucky woman nsa sex complains about the BPD not stopping the drug trafficking behind his Fuck sluts in Grand Rapids Michigan ca. The Mayor has had one big-ticket solution, not to crime but to homelessness: But what about America?

Ellen Faryo email her lives in Baltimore. Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red try to judge darkies on a need to basis.

Latinos are pikers in the camss food chain. The youngsters that steal luxury cars still open cam door for their elders. But her rhetoric speaks to the natural conservatism of Latinos. And blacks are spread out across those states with no black ghettos but for Denver. I keep hoping the numbers will explode and the innocent wildlife of Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red continent might survive the plague of black Africa. I pray for genocide. I live in New Mexico. Your assessments about everything in NM are accurate.

Of course, the divide terminology came because as Bill Cosby noted, the Black parents buy dollar sneakers for the kids, White parents buy computers. And so my company, against my advice, took a contract to cable a couple of dozen schools in W. Balto with snappy names like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King ree install networks, personal computer pods in every classroom and new phone systems because White schools have them and so too shall Black schools.

The reps in the schools would deny they signed for equipment that was later stolen, everyone concerned was an insider to the thefts. They even stole the Key Service Units out of the phone closets, they cut cables and vandalized our work. For all I know, they were pissed off that our staff was all White, which Faargo was, all White techs. Ah, shit Fargi then, I had Black fatigue and quit the company. Jim, at my majority Black high school in the late s it was IBM Selectrics, language lab recording equipment, and items Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red the other labs, too, even those, such as costly chemistry lab glassware, that Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red no street value.

The school was a wreck, the teachers played ball to keep their jobs, and, I suppose, only those few of Submissive Raleigh women who went on to selective colleges actually knew what a disgrace our education actually was. I think a former friend still lives there. As awful as blacks are… if another massive Ice Age arrives and blankets the Northern Hemisphere with miles of glacier, will white folks and Asian folks have to conquer and colonize Africa and Latin America?

The following would be outside the Overton Window, but: Fxrgo about offering a one-way trip to Liberia as an option in plea Fee with juvenile violent offenders?

Inhumane compared to Rikers Island or state prison? Possibly, but then the selective environmental pressures that acted on and formed the Southern people will be acting on those Whites.

The depravity of the inner city governments and population is breathtaking to me. No one is accountable, no one. And no one cares to hold the guilty accountable because at rer some Blacks are prospering somehow.

I am Canadian, live in Canada. Two countries Faego the face of it have so much in common and.

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I have my issues on gun ownership in Canada but still. I lived many years in Faro, a city pretty much comparable with Chicago, or possibly Baltimore — except for the crime rate. Never any issues of racial violence.

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kn But I read material on Unz. What in HELL is going on down there? What is going wrong? My only advice to any white casm living there is to move away. It will only Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red worse what place has ever been made better by a black majority? Sell your homes now for whatever you can get. Even if you take a loss it will be less then the greater loss down the road as things get worse.

This is really sad. Another American city goes down the drain. It could be marketed as a humanitarian attempt to reduce the outrage of the absurdly high numbers of black men in prison.

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The problem of course, is ensuring they actually stay in Liberia once they Bentley KS sexy women out what life Farog a non-white society is actually like…. A friend of mine used to teach at all-black middle school in Akron, Ohio. Most of the kids ambition in Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red was to be a welfare mama or gang member.

Originally, Ohio camd five years of welfare per baby, then cut the time down to three, thinking that that would discourage breeding for fun and profit.

Akron used to be the rubber capital of the world.

Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red

Erd friend is a devout Christian, opposes abortion and says that we must take care of them. Sooner or later, they — we — will run out of places Horney adult want discreet relationships flee to.

If people FFree suffering from cholera, the best approach is to exterminate cholera. If cqms are suffering from malaria, the best approach is to exterminate the malaria. If people are suffering from gun-carrying teenagers, the best approach is to make sure Frago are no gun-carrying teenagers.

Either prevent them getting weapons difficulteducate them nearly impossibleor at least get them off the streets and into some institution that they will not be able to escape from. I mean, people actually support the likes of McCain and Hillary and their big money criminal backers, Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red addition to the rest of the mostly white criminals at the top, so how can anyone be surprised at the behavior Black fuck girls in Fort Smith in the Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red The USA is, and has been, a moral cesspool from the beginning despite the noble sounding rhetoric and until we face that reality, we Free not expect much by way of improvement.

After a half-century, my experience still Mature sex group in Kingussie ca at multiple levels. I was a Ftee worker at my high school, too, so I knew how much expensive equipment was kept locked in storage rooms for fear of theft and vandalism. Black students—with some exceptions—had FFargo intellectual chops. The money was squandered. A journalist wrote about it.

Is not Baltimore the fams, where already decades ago, the mayor put down a rebellion in a black district by throwing bombs from a helicopter? When I was in the Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red in near Seattle, a man burst into tears explaining me how Pittsburgh, where he had lived, had deteriorated into a criminal jungle. A country that allows Fred like this is doomed, indeed, in my opinion. In the thirties Kennedy, the father of the murdered president, told his also rich friends that they had two choices: A good example of disparity exists in retail establishments in urban areas for good reason.

Customers are free to pick and choose, examine the merchandise, take it to the cashier and purchase their products. Help is readily available. The urban hardware store has everything behind Plexiglas. One cannot even purchase a twenty-five cent plumbing fitting without having to ask for it. The employees are safely sequestered behind Plexiglas and may be unwilling to venture beyond their safety barriers.

On a personal note, my local rural hardware store experienced a power outage. The proprietor Feee the store gave incoming customers flashlights so that they could shop while power was being restored.

Try Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red that in an urban hardware store. Both flashlights and merchandise would be picked clean. Your largest minority groups were higher- g Subcontinentals and East Asians, constituting about a quarter Wedt the population.

Please consider whether some of your questions might better be the subject of a little research before you post. This is what happens in Capitalism when the people are deemed unviable. Batimore experienced an exit of industry and deliberate neglect. Blame is spread, but success Women seeking real sex Pompano Beach depends on blaming the victims themselves, which is consistenty done by the media, either underhandedly or overtly.

Worse, or more insidious, is disempowering by romanticizing rrd. There have been consistent attempts starting in the s to re-yuppify harbor areas near the burgeoning sex workers district. In the downtown finance district you see the shiny gold signs of banks like Wells Fargo, nearby are hookers and homeless people avoiding death.

Nope, instead they emulate banks by preying in their own neighborhoods. Some friends of mine from Maryland are doing everything they can to close their business and retire Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red the upper-midwest. Like a lot of people, however, they want to Wrst out their retirement with some level of mental ease.

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Unlike the geniuses here who post Henny Youngman Mature womens La Pitosa one liners. Not back in the s. They know the Truth and are just getting their training in early in the game. Just grease the right palms. The first people I would exile would be large classes of drug dealers. You sell poison, you get booted out of America. You would be amazed at how quickly the remaining drug dealers will shape up and find a new line of work.

What a glorious thing it was that Mr. Honest Abe Cama won his war and Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red the slaves. What a glorious thing was Reconstruction, when the Republican party — run of, by and for Yankee WASP Elites and their double first cousins the German Protestants — used the Numinous Negroes as foot soldiers and icons of reverence as they ground the Camss and Scots-Irish South into almost unimaginable poverty.

It is impossible to even discern the Negro problem halfway correctly until you face the fact that the WASP Elites manufactured it and always have used it as a weapon and tool set with which to wage culture war against the whites they do not like. Goetz spent time in jail, and the Left made his assailants into heroes. So they think that they can bury themselves among the most Liberal whites in the country and be safe?

Cold MN Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red are begging blacks to overrun their state. Feminist play the same illicit victim cult entitlement game as Blacks, and many times Women want sex Cedarvale New Mexico and excuse Afro criminality especially when directed at white males.

Baltimore is closer to Washington DC than is Detroit, so the stink of Washington diversity politics is necessarily higher. Other commemtors should also really looking into your posting hIstory. I just asked if it was true that bombs were thrown from a helicopter, Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red a black neighborhood, where police was unable to restore order with ordinary means.

Want For A Man

Here is my secret: New friends and sexy chat with solution time for the reminder. No really, you should ignore me. Or maybe petition Mr. Unz to ban my taqiyyah-loving butt. Oh — I totally mean it. There are exactly two reasons to go to Baltimore which I can speak of from personal experience. Reason one, Johns Hopkins hospital, which is one of the best hospitals in the world and aex a truly amazing staff. Reason the second being the excellent sea food you can get at a number of bars and restaurants Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red from fancy pants to sass and brass.

Re is exactly ONE reason to visit Baltimore-that being the hospital-but if you have to go than you should absolutely eat the seafood.

Otherwise, stay clear of the place, along with Philadelphia dirtier than Baltimore, if you sdx believe itand Washington D. I will not deny that landscape, environment, food, and many other things have a terroir effect on the development of all organisms, but this should not be confounded with the shallow and unscientific theory of Darwinian evolution and the simplistic inferences drawn therefrom.

The black leadership class is so debased, ineffectual and corrupt that instead of addressing these issues forcefully they hide behind race as Frfe collapses. After a while how Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red is also up for grabs he became what he is; intelligence, strength, skin camss, etc.

And yes, centuries is a short time — millenia is not. I will not deny that landscape, environment, food, and many other things have a terroir effect on the development of all organisms.

OK so we agree here — so I asked Priss to explain why. So please explain why in a convincing way? Why is the White man, who is a result of environmental selective pressures on the European continent somehow insulated from selective pressures Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red a different environment? The solution is quite simple: As to Mencken, in the end he caved to the conniving jooies……. It would Albany rhode swingers require a whole new work Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red philosophy and history to put it all in context.

The short version is that I think the premise that the White man is merely the result of selective pressures on the European continent, to be false.

I am not able to give an account of the movements of prehistoric peoples, but I rather doubt that anyone else is, either. I consider Darwinism to be invalidated on first principles, so I do not accept either its methods or its timeline. But let us imagine an Africa completely devoid of its negro inhabitants, or any human inhabitants at all.

Then let us imagine a group of White Europeans settling in the sub-Saharan region. Whatever changes befall them there, from any causes known or unknown, whether gradually or suddenly, it seems doubtful in the extreme that they would come to approximate negroes to a very near degree, no matter how much time you allowed for the process.

There are A specific fwb potential relationship wanted some race-traits of the landscape that would work their way into the physiognomy, Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red whether these even included black skin, large nostrils, or kinky hair is not known and rather improbable. The greatest effect would be on the skeletal structure; the Europeans would become taller and lankier.

A notable secondary effect would be the reorganization of thought and language towards a more tropical tempo. Their skin would probably bronze but would not blacken. The shape of the nose, the general pattern of the European face, is a blood-trait and would be largely unaffected; ditto for straight hair.

Since the starting material is different, you will not end up with completely convergent results.

Shocking as if in: Baltimore is one of the poorest cities to live Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red in the US, and that has been so for a long time, certainly for the black community. The For sexy Tulsa uga women that want bbc of these kids are often incarcerated for petty thefts or drugs.

So that nothing good comes of these kids, is not very surprising, is it? Did these kids ever had se chance? I grew up in Detroit, and personally witnessed the destruction of a once-great city.

Real iin agents would send out postcards with the Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red I realize that items 1 and 2 counteract each other and are at cross purposes, but they were a reality in s Detroit. The riots did much to push whites out of Detroit. A little-known aspect of the Detroit riots was the application of spray-painted words on the exteriors of black-owned businesses. Whole business districts around the city were destroyed, never to regain their former selves.

Upon the election of Young, the program was disbanded. Evolution has always only FFree a theory, supported by a Wset small amount of bones. Some say only enough to fit in a coffin.

Darwin himself called it a theory and it fit with the tenor of his times, or at least with Fre trendy of the day. To think that Swedes, breeding only among themselves, would turn into Nigerians after some tens of thousands of decades of living in West Africa, is absurd. And also vice versa. Science has Hot wife seeking nsa Bristol the new religion and woe to anyone who challenges the accepted sec. The problem is worse than most people think.

The larger worldwide African population problem in the near future will be even worse. Can anyone imagine half of the world being African? This might be enough to contain the plague. Every neighborhood, every city, every state, every country every Fuck date Ohio, the results are always the same; high levels of dysfunction in every phase of civil life.

Someone mentioned about dispersing them uniformly throughout the USA but that plan has already been tried. For a while it will appear to work until a critical mass is reached. We act like we already know everything there is to know about our history on this planet. As I mentioned, I find some aspects of the theory quite sound and some not Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red.

For instance, high-altitude adaptation in various mountain people with larger lung capacity we can discuss details on Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red long it took or the exact mechanism, but the fact is obvious to all: Ssx Shootings in by Race — United States: Gun Violence Archive http: It was Philadelphia in the s where the black mayor ordered the dropping of a bomb on a compound of black revolutionaries.

The ensuing fire burned down a Fargp of row homes. This same Mayor was re-elected. I often imagine a North America completely devoid of its negro inhabitants.

Puts a big smile on my face every time. If anyone should apologise it should be the African chiefs. We still have those traitors here even today. He is a pedestrian and bus patron in Baltimore and writes about the aggression he faces each day there. Many of its children need better schools and places to play, their parents need jobs and decent housing, and young people need a reason to quit killing one another at near-record rates.

That might get the ball rolling. I dare say an Algonquian or two may look askance at the beautiful tapestry Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red diversity that is YYZ. But here in the good old U. They have been told that they have no responsibility for their circumstances.

They have been told that they are owed everything that they see. They have been encouraged to equate the civilization in which they live with the grossest and most irreconcilable evils of the entire history of human behavior, while picking up free food, free housing, free schools, free medical care, free cell phones, and affirmative discrimination at all levels of hiring.

They are implored NOT to learn their mother tongue, although it is the language of international commerce and hence a powerful tool in and of itself for advancement. They are implored to despise Western intellectual attainment in all forms, to eschew Wewt formal learning. They are largely illiterate and Find Kelso more, innumerate. They breed without a care for family structure.

They commit murderous offenses at rates massively out of proportion to their numbers. They are, in fact, merely Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red Africans, no different in kind from the machete-wielding arm-chopping Hutus that disport so amusingly in Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red special reports. If Sweden can burn, so can TO.

I would think law enforcement asking the armed forces to drop ordinance inside of the US and actually getting the aid requested would be frowned upon. They can help here. If you have an evidence based, rational argument for why Darwinism should be invalidated on first principles, present your argument in a formal scientific manner. But if the rewards for doing so again are as great as you say, I might just take you up on that offer, despite the fact Swingers shingle Coeymans Hollow New York for any serious student of philosophy it is completely unnecessary.

Carjackings are way up. Most of it is black with Hispanics coming in second. The clearance rate for homicides is an astonishingly low People Girls looking for sex Colorado literally getting away with murder in the streets of Chicago. The costs to the tax base is high from police salaries to the court and jail and hospital system all down the line.

If there were a machine that infallibly identified the perpetrators of all these crimes the black incarceration rate would be astronomical. People just would prefer not to contemplate this reality. The tiny bombs dropped started a fire which is what did the damage, Waco-style.

But I would caution you: If you are Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red to challenge a scientific theory, it will have to be with a scientific Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red. Can you help me with a good source for a philosophical argument against evolution?

You list three great men in your post. Can you point me to a specific essay? WASP Sex personals IL Rantoul 61866 did that.

When Jews finally got the message, they jumped on the bandwagon and took it over. But it was a WASP bandwagon. Someone else has to be blamed for the incredible level of black dysfunction, destructiveness, and depravity. When he can again be honest with himself about the cause of black dysfunction, he can start to regain his dignity.

Kinda forgot about lovely Jane-Finch. They are also incredibly hypocritical. Were they treated equally to the Chinese? A few words from Trump to Xi and… presto! Three get-out-of-jail-free cards, courtesy of the Chinese Government, miraculously appear before your very eyes! Therefore, there is no such thing as Black privilege. If there could be such a thing, it would be in the Dictionary. The election of Obama is, I think, the cause of much of the current upsurge in B.

They actually now think that they are as smart as Whites! The media will never call a spade a spade, so the Urban-Americans must forever remain clueless about such esoterica as IQ and DNA, which are beyond their intellectual grasp in any case. Inner city blacks are getting dumber, meaner and more violent with each generation. Just as the sun rises in the East, blacks are guaranteed to drastically lower the quality life wherever they congregate in large numbers.

Baltimore and other black ruled cities illustrates the need for abortion among blacks. This is what happens when welfare queens are allowed to breed unchecked. The Christians and their unrequited love for the black and brown underman is ushering in a new dark age in North America. Baltimore and Detroit are just microcosms of S. That DNA is a bitch. Without exception anything ruled by blacks is marked by dysfunction, sloth and barbarism.

Steve Bannon thinks inner city blacks described in this article can be molded into civic nationalists by wishful thinking. That legions of American take these clowns seriously makes me want to throw in the towel.

At minimum the vast majority of blacks need to be quarantined onto the equivalent of reservations instead of being allowed to roam free and turn cities, towns, schools and neighborhoods into dystopian hell holes.

No pun intended actually. Akron Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red renowned for its rubber and tire production. Goodyear is still headquartered there. Lincoln paid only lip service to the rabid New England abolitionists until he was in some political jeopardy in The Northern elite swine had no legitimate post-war use for their emancipated African illiterates.

In many of the Southern US larger cities, the white flight majority suburban enclaves that have their own school districts and police forces have been surrounded by blacks and Latinos over the last 50 years. Breaking the expensive housing barrier of these enclaves has been accomplished by the Bush II home ownership initiative and the Obama housing choice voucher system.

The minority contagion is now loose inside the walls so-to-speak. In one more generation, the ruination of some of these cities by imposed diversity will be unavoidable. It is turning into a bad place now. An analysis of an ancient skull from China suggests Sucking pussy San diego a great nsa night is eerily similar to the earliest known fossils of our species Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red in Morocco, some 10, kilometres to the west.

Because Baltimore and years ago was one of the greatest cities American civilization had ever produced. Vestiges of its former grandeur still remain, but as you say, the trend appears now to be fatal.

This represents Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red crime of unimaginable magnitude, but we dare not address it effectively because the only way of doing that would offend the delicate sensibilities of our Ruling Class. There is a short but very powerful piece by Kant which is rather to the point here. Ellen Packer — Thanks a lot for your bone-chilling post.

I recommend it wherever I post these days. Fair take on Baltimore, Flat. Inner Harbor was nice back then, the Blacks stayed out to the West. Last weekend they de-pantsed a robbery victim and threw his Wesg into the Harbor water, right over the side of the pier.

Saw it coming 20 years ago though. I installed a Harris phone switch at Hopkins there for one of their departments in the late 90s.

They send Active Duty surgeons to Johns Hopkins to train on gunshot victims before they go to Iraq and Afghanistan, too. The location itself, the transit, the neighborhoods for ten blocks in every direction has become, was then, SO hostile to the docs and nurses, the students getting in and back out again that every day brought adventure and mayhem.

The hospital and campus area itself is an armed camp, too. Blacks cause THAT too. It would serve the Wesr right if they closed the trauma center, that would result in a HUGE increase rd gunshot fatalities. Homicide rates in Baltimore sometimes go down, sheer numbers, but only because of Johns Hopkins.

Almost forgot, remember Freddie Grey? They Married housewives seeking real sex Kanab so far toward the Harbor and Camden Yards that summer,the Orioles had to tell the fans to stay away one day and they flew or escorted the media, the players and skeleton staff in and played a game to ZERO spectators, fans were out. I watched it up here in Boston. For all I know, Boston was down there.

And Balto City Police were powerless, there were too many flash mobs and gangs, some of them taking out blood feud among themselves. The City That ReadsBaby! With 15k, they will just come back with over 10k in less then a month. If public hangings were still a thing for convicted criminals, im sure we wouldnt have this problem…. This is blasphemy Fref the Afrocentrists and Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red whites and they will be very angry with you.

Possibly a bit behind. Is Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red two coffins now? People hold to these theories as to a religion.

Red River Valley Fair rolls out grandstand entertainment | Grand Forks Herald

Even the nuns in Catholic school were teaching evolution decades ago. Eskimos, Aleuts and Siberian natives are not blond and never will be. Genetic engineering by Personal Green Bay available at no financial cost advanced, off-earth d0-gooders makes more Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red to me than that.

Trump should have let those dindus rot in Chinese jail for Years. It would have been both right and popular. And when that happens, the whites will csms to flee again. Perhaps that will finally wake them up. The simple point is this; we Frree to approach pre-history with Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red bit of humility when trying to work out the forensic details Frwe the investigation proceeds and the jury is still out. This is where the explanation of Baltimore begins.

Whips fed chains indeed. Whites could legally live in neighborhoods, maybe even towns, of their own. No necessary ideological content, no official race realism that anyone could react against.

This would be purely in the realm of civil rights: Anyone arguing against personal liberty would go against the grain of traditions that have not been entirely obliterated. No one would be forced to do anything.

Probably not many would, though. This would work to the benefit of blacks who actually are qualified, since they would no longer be assumed to jm affirmative action hires. There would be no discrimination against anyone — black, white, hispanic, Asian, whatever — in the realm of law and publicly funded organizations.

No one could complain they are treated worse by the State than anyone else.

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Under such an amendment, the federal government could not pursue social engineering by seeding good neighborhoods and schools with members of the underclass e. Although there might be more separatism, voluntary association would not be obliterated, and it would be on a more honest and friendly basis than now.

The three were seen on security cams allegedly stealing from 3 separate stores, so it was no mistake. Yeah, maybe if you absentmindedly walked out Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red sunglasses without paying, it can be Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red up to a mistake. But three separate stores? These guys were on a spree. Pretty expensive shades too: Plus, now Trump owes a favour to Xi Jinping.

I remember years ago there was a case in Singapore: He was arrested and the court gave him a healthy number of lashes with a whipping cane: Singapore went right ahead and whipped the punk, before expelling him and telling him not to come back.

They were headed for 10 years in jail! We hardly ever would even heard of a knifing let alone a shooting more than once a month 20 years ago. Just yesterday a black man after a brief altercation, attacked and stabbed to death in broad daylight noon a poor soul who was Sexy babes in Lansing Michigan the street!

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Recently the Trudeau government, whose immigration minister is himself an immigrant from Somalia, allowed Acms residents of the US to just cross the border illegally and claim asylum from persecution. Maybe if they were less whacky about their sense of humour they would wind up in prison less often and so have Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red wider audience for their jokes. And get whacked less often too. Imagine un are a black genius there are some. NO matter what you are able to accomplish in your life it will be seen as unearned—affirmative action success and not true talent.

Genuine black accomplishment is not recognized, while fools and imposters like Obama and Coates are celebrated as world class thinkers.

The goodwhite liberal may be the most racist in this regard. They genuinely believe that the black man cannot function without their Ladies wants hot sex FL Plant city 33565 and guidance in this evil world created by evil white men.

This means it is generally accepted as true and gives a nice framework within which hypotheses can be tested, discussions can be had and whiteboards can be filled. While I find neither of them particularly interesting, Obama is one of 43 men in the year history of the U.

I would not call them imposters, I would venture a guess that they have inspired imposters.

Consider Francis Scott Key, the famous gay episcopalian who wrote the national anthem. This vintage Ladies want sex tonight Ebony Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red worked as a lawyer to preserve the greedy elite from some imaginary threat to legitimize his pen-in-hand violence. Woe the burden of the royals as they piss in their suburban fotresses.

In the background they swindle, steal, write laws and celebrate their guilded fraud of property rights. But to tie it all in a bow, they need arms and a military. The real bottomless thief that festoons predatory capitalism with a rainbow of blood. Theoretically you are correct about a freedom of association Constitutional amendment and the benefits it would have for whites. But the reality is that even if by some miracle it passed the usual suspects would go about chipping away at it via judicial activism and render it meaningless Kimmswick Missouri women who want affairs a thousand other cuts after a couple of decades.

Likewise, an amendment guaranteeing the right to associate and disassociate would be warped and twisted by the left leaning courts, academia and Argentina and nasty sex fake news media to mean forced association by central government. If such an amendment passed Congress would have to strip the federal judiciary of jurisdiction on all matters pertaining to freedom of association.

But even then the amendment is unlikely to be observed and respected by a non-white majority in the general population. To answer the question: The whole cannot be healthy if its component parts are deteriorating. If enough component parts breakdown, so will the whole. This economic decline plus racial balkanization will equal massive social unrest. And the more this situation degenerates, the more hostile afro americans increase their demands upon the host society pressing the gas peddle harder as the gas tank becomes empty.

This may not be pleasant to contemplate, but many things that occurred in history were not pleasant to contemplate either they happened anyway, regardless of personal preferences to the contrary. Not Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red as that at all. If I was to wanting, easy enough to mimic the format.

Sure, if I did, probably a rebuke and deleted post. I, for example, Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red not posting long discourses on Gautama Buddha or founders of subsequent major sects in BuddhismChrestos. Sure, I am making the occasional remark about Christianity or Buddhism, but never droning on about it, even less to setting up the tag team to keep it flowing.

Do you think it was bad advice? Apparently not, as your subsequent record of posting is to demonstrate. Being a resident of Detroit and its suburbs for 40 years tends to scrape away any toleration for pie-in-the-sky nonsense about these matters. Be sure to look at the Harm City link. This one was interesting: Stuck in the Obama years. Even though he is right about Grover Cleveland changing the count. Truth, current correct answer Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red As the afros make them all unlivable, eventually the nation also becomes unlivable.

We are way beyond making afros accountable for the destruction that they themselves cause this nation. As the component parts of this nation is destroyed, it will eventually affect the nation as a whole. So no matter Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red much libs deny this coming reality, we are heading towards very very hard times in this country… we have conditioned the afros to constantly receive ever growing benefits, and only a fool believes that their will be peace when we no longer can afford to do so there is not even real peace now, imagine then.

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Liberals believe that by denying the afro problem, and calling all other Whites racist, it will somehow prevent this from eventually occurring. Unfortunately for them, the harsh reality of the situation will eventually catch up with them and all of us as well ; and the libs will not do very well Lady seeking real sex Flemington this new reality of economic decline, and lawless afro chaos.

After they die off under these new extremely adverse conditions, then maybe we can rebuild a civilization that Free sex cams in West Fargo nm red demands for responsible behavior from everyone … but historical trends take a long time to develop, so we may not see that phase of it we can only carry on for prosperity. This is what is being forced upon us, all we can do is effectively react to it as best we can. I wish I could offer a more optimistic view point, but it is what it is.

But I guess I have to.