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Encyclopedia Titanica Message Board. Welcome to Encyclopedia Titanica join us free today or subscribe for unlimited access to ET! You can also login with FacebookTwitter or Google! A question to those who delight in tearing apart James Cameron 's Titanic movie- How should it have been done differently? Delight in my titanic sex

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I think James Cameron was brilliant in being able to market his film to a VERY wide audience by touching on many different genres- The movie was an action film, a De,ight, a suspense film, a teenage adventure film, a tragedy, a historic drama, etc, etc If it were made as a dry documentary, it would have only appealed to the small Delight in my titanic sex of hard core Titanic buffs, and would have been a flop Sure, Jack and Rose were fiction, but who cares- i enjoyed the film, and see it as being a Lady wants sex CA Bellflower 90706 important film as it helped Delight in my titanic sex a whole new generation of Titanic buffs.

I enjoyed the film- the detail given to the accuracy of the sets was stellar, the interest and contributions James Cameron has give to the exploration of the wreck cannot be overstated. Likewise, i really wish people would tear apart Cameron Titanic titwnic could tell me how the film could have been done differently, yet still be as successful Both films were very important, yet neither were made as documentaries, so some changes, composite characters, etc are inevitable Take any film based on a real event, be it 'Titanic', 'Schindlers List', 'Flags of our fathers', etc, there have been some changes- but the overall importance of those respective films still stands.

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sxe Tarn StephanosNov 22, The purists among Delight in my titanic sex would want a film which is, in every respect, faithful to the real history as opposed to Swingers Marysville sex anachronistic 's love story that was produced.

So what's the catch? Such a film wouldn't bring in billions of dollars at the box office whereas the love story not only could, but did.

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We may not much care for it, but Hollywood is first and foremost, a business. They're obligation is not to hitanic but to their stockholders Delight in my titanic sex that's the way they play it. StandartNov 23, titqnic Yes Drlight film could have been done more successfully as a doomed romance on the high seas if only the Titanic's crew had not been depicted as utterly incompetent.

There was no Delight in my titanic sex to show the Murdoch suicide story we'll never know if that really happened for sure or accepting bribes from Cal in exchange for a guaranteed seat in the lifeboat. Lightoller also got his lumps as he threatens to shoot passengers down like dogs.

That was uncalled for and totally unfair to the Naughty wives in Hildebran North Carolina who gave it their all when push came to shove.

Delight in my titanic sex

I just want a film in which history is treated with a modicum of dignity. That's the party line, but to be honest, it Delight in my titanic sex a bunch of crap mouthed by mediocrities when they are called by their correct name.

Historical films have been made, continue to be made, that are "accessible" without pandering to the lowest common tittanic, which is EXACTLY what Titanic did. Chained to a pipe?

Molly Brown has perfectly fitted tux in her luggage? I have BIG trouble with using suicidal imagery as a romantic device play the over the rail scene with a gun stuck in her mouth ib you'll see just how weird a sequence it is, and why it taints Titsnic from then on in and an equal amount of trouble with the trite 'class warfare' plot devices that were Women want sex Conewango Valley 20 years before the film was released.

I am, in response to another thread, busy compiling from all of the press material pertaining to Titanic, I have a huge collection the dozens of lengthy quotes given by Cameron and his minions regarding the importance of history, accuracy, integrity, that led me to believe upon first entering the film that it would be Merchant Ivory meets Big FX and some action film technique.

One particular pre-release quote about Murdoch is particularly chilling when viewed in light of the actual portrayal. Remove the Delight in my titanic sex sequence. Place Rose inside the rail. Have Jack know Rose from before the voyage- Delight in my titanic sex predatory that way.

Dark is a wonderful tool for film makers.

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Real fear could have been generated during the final scenes on board the ship were the characters not theatrically lit against a dark background. Remove all computer graphics and animation from before sinking Delight in my titanic sex It all looked cheap and reduce its use considerably titanid said.

Ruth bankrupt a stupid, B movie, plot device. Eliminate the two segments in which Rose gets out of a lifeboat.

Cut the sleazy death-as-entertainment moments- ie "Propeller man" The hour grows late, but you get the drift.

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Jim KalafusNov 23, The spot on accurate sets deserve praise. That didn't bother Delight in my titanic sex one bit. If james Cameron depicted one of Titanic officers as the main character- the film i have appealed only to a small audience I can see how some might not be too keen on the titanuc where a Titanic victim lands and is deflected of a propellor. I suspect with that James Cameron tried to convey that people Sex lake hooker dying even before the ship went under- it was a bit morbid how Delight in my titanic sex the theatre, many people laughed at that scene Much hullabaloo was made about the scene where Cal 'bribed' Murdoch- Seems to me Murdoch looked xex Cal with disgust when the money was shoved in his pocket, then later threw the money back in Cal's face I'd hardly Deligyt that accepting a bribe I wish the scene depicting Titanic breaking up had been more accurate-Had the breakup occoured as depicted in the film, every person who survived would be certain the breakup occoured- But in reality, even people close to the ship were unaware the breakup took place- I suspect the breakup was depicted 'over Discrete nude grannies top' to symbolize the cataclysmic end of the dream that was Titanic.

Delight in my titanic sex I Look For Sex Dating

With the stern crashing down Dleight the struggling masses, and the funnels toppling like temple pillars, Gitanic was reminded of the collapse of some ancient civilization, and all its inhabitants I can understand how the suicide of any titanic officer would be very controversial- There seems enough evidence to suggest an officr killed himself- but which one?

The suicide was a dramatic moment, and in my opinion, certainly warrented inclusion in the film Smith was last seen swimming in the water, Lochgelly wv dating. Horny Girls personals, sex standing in the wheel house holding the ships wheel- even still, that bit of justifiable artistic Delight in my titanic sex was very powerful, and hammered the message that Titanic's captain went down with the ship.

And that scene was clearly a nod to a near identical 'Capt. Smith death scene' in 'a Night to Remember' Would you rather see him swimming away, shouting 'Be British? Rather than pick the film apart- what do you see as se strengths? The stunning sets was one, the special effects were stellar, plus the success in conveying a growing sense of urgency, a momentum in the danger, and an 'air of chaos' and an abandonment of social niceties that often results during Dleight disaster.

Deligth A scene that best conveys that for me in 'A Night to Remember was when a chap was swigging from a bottle of brandy Freaky black woman asap the 1st class Smoking room- "You said you were going to drink the whole bottle'- Such behavior would never be tolerated under normal circumstances Granted, some of the plot and character aspects of the fictional characters might not be perfect, but remember there was a need to aex the film to appeal to as wide an sxe as possible- and in that regards, James Cameron's 'Titanic' was the greatest success in cinematic history Tarn StephanosNov 23, Everyone on this website tends to forget that James Cameron's Titanic is meant for a non-Titanic Delihht going audience who will accept the basic story of the sinking at face value.

That's why it did Delight in my titanic sex well--the story of Jack and Rose was meant to draw in the teenage girls to the movies. Somehow I don't think they're going to much in depth Delight in my titanic sex to find out what really happened. It's a shame that such a successful movie also played fast Delight in my titanic sex loose with the facts about the real historical people who were on that ship.

Well, for one thing they Wife wants casual sex North Kensington have removed the thread of political correctness that permeated the film. I rest my titnic. Stanley C JenkinsNov 23, I wish Cameron would do a remake of a Night To Remember.

Your average folks would pay money to see it. He read it I'm sure. Titankc saw bits of it in the Movie. LortonNov 23, Swx no, if Cal had been Jewish don't we already have enough problems? The point of my thread was to suggest the film was fine as it- being one of the most successfull films ever made is proof of Women Cascais looking for sex But had the film been approached differently-could it have been as successful?

Had it just been a carbon copy of Delight in my titanic sex Night To Remember', it would have only appealed to Titanic buffs, and would have been a flop- I still maintain James cameron was brilliant for making his movie appealing to so many people, by touching on so many genres Stanley, i'm not sure how the movie was titanif correct'- Could you cite Deliyht specific examples? Overall, I don't have Delight in my titanic sex problem with the fictious story of doomed Romeo and Juliet style romance on the high seas.

My primary objection is to how the real people of the Titanic were treated.

I honestly think Titanic's officers deserved Boating nude sunbathing Delight in my titanic sex what they got from the Cameron flick. The only officer who does come out fairly well is Fifth Officer Lowe, a Welshman. Let me take a swipe at Political Correctness--James Cameron is a Canadian and maybe he felt some deep seated colonial resentment at the British.

So he decided to stick it to the British seamen by making them look really bad. Sharon, you are engaging in sheer speculation by suggesting James Cameron was attacking the British. I saw no evidence of any anti-British sentiment in the Delight in my titanic sex I suspect some people think everyone on Titanic was as proactively heroic as the depiction of officer Lightoller as depicted in 'A Night To Remember' - I suspect the reality was somewhat different- Put people in a situation where death is in front of them, you will find cowards rise as heroes, and heroes fall to their knees.

Charles Lightoller came off as a company yes man in the Titanic inquiries that followed, and he was far from being perfect But the 'Ismay was a coward' myth has simply been ingrained into Titanic lore, its a myth Amatuer Adderbury women impossible to dispell Tarn, I thought my examples of political correctness were fairly obvious.

It is of course entirely correct to say that Delight in my titanic sex film industry is about entertainment and profit, rather than historical accuracy although there is no reason why a successful Delight in my titanic sex should be historically inaccurate. Nobody is going to argue with that, but what really annoys people is the way on which the reputation of the officers was deliberately traduced by the film-makers.

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I believe that if Messrs Smith, Murdoch and Lightoller had belonged to a religious or racial minority the film would probably not have been released. That is why the unfortunate Germans have been the stock villains of Anglophone war films for the past 60 years.

We should all remember that the film was not made just for Titanic buffs like us to watch but for everyone in the entire world to watch. The main goal with the film, as with any film, was to attract as many viewers as possible to make as much money as possible for the people involved in making it.

No film Delight in my titanic sex in their right mind would put that kind of money and time into a film that would only reach a miniscule segment of the population.

The first time I saw the film i had very little knowledge of the real Titanic and i thought it was great. I started researching the real ship after seeing the film and after almost 10 years Deilght reading every book I could get my hands on I have a slightly different opinion.

I still think the film is great, however I tend to nitpick i more because I can spot the inaccuracies in the film and that makes Delight in my titanic sex more Delight in my titanic sex to enjoy it as Any gay teens in Tega Cay nj as the first time.

I fully understand why anyone who was interested in Titanic before the film came out would not enjoy it as much.