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Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia

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The cougar has not been confirmed in Virginia sincebut there are increasing signs they have returned to the state. Thursday, April 21, Mountain Lions are back, maybe. Tuesday, April 08, Mountain Lions in Virginia: Comments have now closed permanently, Horny women seeking men in North Charleston wv. Ralph Maughanwebmaster.

Ralph Maughan is professor emeritus of political science at Idaho State University with specialties in natural resource politics, public opinion, interest groups, political parties, voting and elections. Having myself grown up in western North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I heard all the stories about the Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia, or catamount, as it was called, hanging on in the most secret hollows of the realm.

But I never saw one, or tracks, and I spent a lot of time in the woods. So this is good news—the cat is back, surely. I grew up in NW Virginia near the Shenandoahs and Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia heard folks mention seeing mt. I expect they will Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia puma presence. I would say that their return is a matter both of an overabundance of whitetails and no repeat of the original persecution that led to regional extinction.

How many Woman want casual sex Blanford in the Blue Ridge or the Alleghenies are still raising livestock?

Hello This evening 15May 07 I think I chased up a cougar. I was dragging some stuff behind my ATV down a old farm road in Appomattox Virginia, when this fellow bounced Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia in front of me about 50 yards womrn.

It ran down the road for a bit. I put on the speed and got within about Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia years before it jumped off into the brush. And I am not sure it was a cougar. Definitely not a dog, too big for a cat.

Not a bob cat it most certainly had a long bushy tail. In Augusta cougar was captured on film near Craigsville, Virginia and identified by professional wildlife biologists of the Eastern Puma Research Network.

We use a copy of the original picture in lectures across Blackburg. Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia Service crew in western Shenadoah County.

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Tracks found near the sighting was confirmed by a retired wildlife biologist with the Smithsonian…. One on Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia Farm just a bit out of Town.

Seems in these parts every snake they see is a copperhead even the black with white belly ones.

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They could be making a similiar mistake about the cougar sightings. Lutz Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia you have internet picture of the Virginia cougar that you show arround? I would like to add it to my collection if possible. This animal is about ft long not including about a 30 inch tail. The graceful animal was golden brown in color. We went out there today to look for tracks.

Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia I Am Wanting Private Sex

I found one which I took a picture of. This animal did not have a long snout like a dog or a fox.

Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia I am concerned since that pond is a source of water for my horse. So, if anyone knows who I can contact please let me know. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Add my name to the list of people who have seen mountain lions in the wild. I saw one near my home in Floyd County.

It was about pounds with a tail about 3 feet long. You can also count Randolph, Upshur, and Webster countys in W. My dad, his dad, and myself can vouch for those Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia. They are very ellusive cats. While hiking in the winter after a Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia snowfall I came across huge cat tracks that were fresh. There are certainly plenty of remote Blacksburf for them in VA and W.

Places that will never see any kind of development.

Beowolf the key to your sighting is the tail. Whenever I see a big cat I look for tail characteristics Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia a sighting confirmation. Many Blackzburg in the west horses and mountain lions or cougars coexist. About a month ago I was visiting a local sheep farmer more gentleman farmer than actual make-money-farming farmer. We were standing near the barn about 10 AM when we observed a disturbance about yards off in a field near Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia tree line.

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He told me that he was having a problem with coyotes killing his sheep. Could have been either I guess. I think the increase in goat and sheep farming in Appomattox County is attracting Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia predators. It was just after dark and I didnt think Blacskburg were supposed to be any mountain lions in that part of the country.

Blacksburg Cougars - Meet A Cougar By You!

I was wrestles camping alone and decided to hike over Big Hump Mountain to the next campsite. I got into the bald on Big Hump Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia I heard an odd noise, like a quick Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia bird and something ran off. After that two sets of very large eyes started following me. Sometimes relatively together and sometimes on opposite sides of the trail. I made deep, loud noises and threw my hands up and used my flashlight to look large.

After passing the long horn pasture over the summit I thought I was clear, hadnt seen eyes at any distance in a while. I came out of the Casual Dating Weld Maine 4285 and one was less than 20 feet. It was the first time I could see it clearly.

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It was, without question, a mountain lion. Terrified, I took a step toward it, held up my vest yelled and everything and it dissapeared quickly.

Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia Crossing by the large boulders on the trails was terrifying, only once did i see one behind a boulder when I passed. I couldnt see their relative sizes, as they were not close together until right before I entered the woods, and one was very low in the grass, could only see its eyes reflected.

In daylight I am sure I would have thought it was only one Virgknia.

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But I Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia into the woods, kept my arms high in the air, and kept making loud noises until I came upon a group of kids hiking with two adults at about 2 am. I felt bad because I told them what had happened before I could see them and didnt knwo they were so young. I must have terrified them. Some of the Forest Service questioned whether or not it was just a wild cat.

I have helped skin and mount wild cats before and definitely know the difference. In a large cat crossed the road in front of me while I was driving down a road in Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia Va.

Its body including the long tail was as long as the front Iso Oberhausen dating or of the truck I was driving El Camino.

It was approx 3 ft high estimation. It was tan and had short ears. Very fast and gracefull.

I was only able to see from just behind the shoulders down but it was about Mature housewives looking for sex Syracuse New York — 20 inchs tall and I would guess that it weight a little over pounds if not more. At first I thought it might be a big black dog like a mastiff or something but I saw the tail and it was just like a bigger version Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia my house cats tail.

The tail was furry but Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia short hair like the rest of the body Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia I saw and was round kind of curving down and out like my house cats tail when he hunts birds. I thought that cougars were hunted to the point of extermination in Virginia, I was wondering if anyone could confirm or deny my sighting with what little information I had I just think in would be really cool if they were moving back into these mountains.

Jaguars can be black with black spots, so if indeed you saw Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia large cat, someone let loose a black jaguar. My father owns property in Floyd, VA in an area where many of the land owners are not activly using their large acreage properties. There is an abundent population of squirl, deer and turkey. During one of our walks last weekend my sister spotted a very!

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It was moving through the woods twards a water source but not in the open. It moved with grace and without sound. It stoped for a moment Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia watched us and then moved on through the woods.

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We do see a bob cat about once a year and an occasional bear but this was clearly different. I would love to get a photo of it. Is Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia mountain lion like a bear? Does it make a circle on a set time period or does it travel randomly?

Does it follow a path through Cougar women Blacksburg Virginia woods like a deer sometimes does?? Does anyone realy know??? Hello, My parents were having their Sunday drive today in an area called Mabe, near Duffield, Virginia and saw a mountain lion.

Where are they coming from?