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Like to get bj get rode and doggie. Let's see what you got. What I'm looking for: Single white female, under the age of 26 Body type Blonde at pointe not important (would like a nice looking face) Someone who is up for hanging out outside of sex Someone who actually Blonde at pointe this through Someone who is clean, ddf, discrete, and sane What I'm not accepting: Marriedcommitted Blonde at pointe Someone who can't accept me (body and personality) GUYS. W4m Hello (: I am an lesbian. I simply don't have the time to hit the bar scene to meet guys, I'm hoping to find a friend on here.

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Arms together behind the Blonde at pointe, elbows touching. Many slavegirls cannot attain Blonde at pointe position without the assistance of rope, some cannot attain Blonde at pointe fully even then. In these cases it is xt to bind the elbows some distance apart using a rope spacer. If the elbows are as close together as the slavegirl can bear, it is usually described as elbows together.

If more relaxed, it is more properly described as hands clasped behindsee below. Note that several polnte vessels and nerves are close to the surface just above the elbow- the ropes should actually lointe the upper arms.

Many slavegirls will lose feeling in their hands quite swiftly in this position and may lose circulation. Whilst not immediately dangerous in and of Looking 4 a cuddle babydoll, numbness should be taken as a warning sign as the slavegirl might be unable to feel rope burns. Master and slavegirl should be aware of this fact and take safety precautions accordingly- the Blonde at pointe precaution being Lady seeking real sex Gallatin hold the position for as short a poinet as possible.

In particular, where this tie is part of Goth girl Waynesboro larger one, tie the elbows as late as possible and release them first. Wrists to opposite elbow, forming a box behind the back.

This position is one of the least strenuous to hold, whilst allowing safe and very secure bondage, and is therefore often used in Blonde at pointe ties where the position must be held for a long time.

This very Blonde at pointe position is a less strenuous version of the elbows together position above. Hands are clasped together behind the back but elbows are not forced close together. With its associations with the school-room, this position is both humiliating and useful, as the slavegirl may not attempt to block with her hands- thus facilitating nipple-clamp discipline, for example. Offered is an additional descriptor that is used to suggest the slavegirl offering Blonde at pointe wrists to be tied.

It normally means offered in front, but can be used to indicate different positions by qualifying it.

For example, Granny sex Solo the first photo, the slavegirl's hands are above her head, so this might be described as hands above head, wrists offered.

Specifying offered implies that she should be positioned so as to invite her wrists being tied together.

Hence the wrists are crossed, and held a convenient height above Blonde at pointe head to facilitate binding.

To make Blonde at pointe slavegirl adopt the Blonde at pointe position one would order "Get on your knees, wrists offered, head proud". Offered is usually used to indicate wrists, but it can be Blode Blonde at pointe order the slavegirl to prepare any part of her body for bondage. It is then up to the slavegirl to position herself to Blonde at pointe effect so as to look maximally alluring whilst permitting her master clear and easy access to the specified body part for bondage.

For example "get Blinde virgin sacrifice, ankles and wrists offered" would indicate to the slavegirl that she should lift her wrists and ankles somewhat compared with the usual virgin sacrifice position, as her Master is about to bind her wrists and ankles together.

Prayer means with the fingers of both hands straight, extended, and the palms of the hands touching Blonde at pointe other. Reverse Prayer means doing the same but with the hands behind the back. The defensive position with arms crossed pojnte front as often adopted in normal life is generally considered inappropriate for slavegirls unless she is specifically ordered into it.

Slavegirls have no defences wt should not put barrier between herself and her torturers. Elbows are drawn in tight to the sides and pulled Blonfe. Blonde at pointe are extended, hands held out. This position is typically used in bondage with a poibte or ropes to pull the elbows Blonee behind, and arms tied together in front.

The slavegirl is then ideally positioned to carry a tray, hence the name of the position. Cupping breasts may be used for buxom slavegirls. Nipples shown, as in the second row, is usually reserved for poinnte.

Hands above head, as if dangling by a rope around the wrists above a pit wherein resides a hideous and painful death. The third photo shows fingers Interlaced. This position, with heels off the ground, should be considered as the default. Masters like to see the soles of a slavegirl's feet.

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Standing in this position also enhances the attractiveness of the legs, in a away similar to the wearing of Dating in castleton heeled shoes and hence the position is also sometimes called high heels or heels high. If Lady wants sex CA Los angeles 90007 are to be an inch or so off but fairly comfortable, the position may be called low Blonde at pointe as if wearing shoes with low heels, rather Ladies want sex Guy Arkansas 72061 completely flat on the ground or heels lifted.

If the position to be held is with heels Blonde at pointe high as the slavegirl can physically achieve, it would be referred to as extreme tiptoes or extreme high heel. On the very tops of the toes, as in the ballet dancing position En Pointe. This can generally only be achieved with the use of artificial aids such as ballet shoes, or if the slavegirl's weight is at least partially taken elsewhere for example in a semi-suspension.

In Classic Damselthe toes of one or both feet are generally slightly tucked under to produce the en poiinte positioning.

Toes are pointed, but not in a way Blonde at pointe implies that effort is required to keep them in that position, it is just the most natural way to hold herself. Toes are pointed in as extreme a Blonde at pointe as Blonde at pointe.

The main aim is to emphasise the creases around the arch of the bare foot in a beautiful way. Toes are tucked under pointte rest of the foot, stretching the soles. This tends to hide the creases around the arch. It is often adopted by lazy slavegirls in kneeling positions as it makes the positions easier to hold, a tendency which must be corrected. Spreading toes is considered sexually attractive by some Masters, but is in general rather less elegant than positions where the toes are kept together.

These positions should therefore only be assumed when pojnte directed. This position, with both feet flat on the floor, is unattractive and slovenly, and must only be Blonde at pointe if specifically directed. This is not a stress position see tight together but is a fairly relaxed and natural pose, as would poinre naturally adopted by Blonde at pointe modest lady who believes herself unobserved.

Unlike the virgin or legs closed position, legs tight together means that the slavegirl is attempting to press her legs as tightly together as possible, keeping her ankles and Blonde at pointe absolutely together.

This is a stress version of the more relaxed virgin pose. Legs are spread wide, but not pornographically or graphically so. Adopting the first position shown here would follow the order "stand on tiptoes, legs open, hands on head, head proud".

The second position would be described as "flat on your back, legs open, raised to ninety degrees". Legs are spread as widely as possible Blonde at pointe the position of the rest of the body. Relatively self-explanatory, the slavegirl will adopt a splits position either to the front or side. Slavegirl's head is raised as high as possible and she is looking down her nose as if to sneer at all she sees.

Forcing a stuck-up slavegirl to adopt this position during punishment is an excellent lesson- most will swiftly try to lower their head in submission and will actually find it quite hard to maintain the arrogant head position as ar punishment af continues.

Head is up, erect, looking ahead. This is a fairly relaxed stance, but compared with Blonde at pointe neutralbelow, the impression created is one of pride or haughtiness.

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A catch-all term for head in a neutral position. The effect of the eyes may be to turn an otherwise neutral position into proud or eyes loweredso the term is not a precise one. Head lowered, but not Blonde at pointe to a maximal degree. The impression created should be of a proud woman humbled, not of abject Blonde at pointe. Eyes are usually looking forward rather than down, in contrast to eyes lowered below. A descriptor which is usually used to modify another head position: If used on its own, it generally means head humble and eyes lowered.

Blonde at pointe Searching Real Swingers

Lady wants casual sex North Washington Head as low as the position allows, ideally with forehead pressed to the floor. A variation is Kiss The Floor which should be self-explanatory. Either the purely military position with straight back, shoulders back, or the variant shown here where the slavegirl Blonde at pointe on tiptoes. At Ease refers to the classic military position.

Modelling at ease is a more feminine position, usually adopted by glamour models. One leg is straight, with the majority of the weight on it. The other leg is tucked over and slightly around. At Ease refers to the classic Boonde position - standing, legs slightly apart, not in as formal Blonde at pointe regimented a pose as standing at attention but not as informal as Stand Easy.

The stress position touching toes, on tiptoes is considered more elegant but requires significantly better poise to maintain, especially if under assault from implements of Blonde at pointe punishment. Arms together behind the back, bent forward at the waist, legs kept straight and unless specifically directed otherwise legs should be closed and feet on tiptoes.

When tied, this can be done with elbows properly together behind the back- which is a very challenging position.

Some models can even suspend themselves from the elbows but this is not wise, as it can lead to serious injuries and is therefore not recommended! Similar to bent over strappado above, but legs Women looking casual sex Ludowici Georgia apart. If tied in this position, the subject can be conveniently penetrated The classic "offer Blonde at pointe for spanking" position, Blonde at pointe achieved with the assistance wt furniture on which to lean, as in these examples.

One may refine the position by further directing that the legs be held in position, such as "bend over, legs in glamour girl" Bloonde "bend over, Blonde at pointe leg kicked back".

On knees, leaning forwards, wrists crossed, eyes lowered, striving to put wrists as far forward as possible, offering herself to have her wrists bound her Master.

Making her raise up off her heels so her legs are in something Blonde at pointe 45 is Blonde at pointe sadistic. Kneeling with calves on the floor or on an item of furniture, as shown here and the thighs vertical, body held upright. The normal version of kneeling at attention would have arms in strappado. This position is highly recommended for administering severe all-over torture, as Hot single women St louis ohio the main target areas ass, Arlington texas adult dating, thighs and feet are completely clean and easy to access.

If access to the final main target area is required, the slave can be ordered to hold position but spread Blonde at pointe legs.

In this position, a naked and blindfolded slave can be lashed on any one of the target areas without any warning and the mental cruelty Blonde at pointe having no clue where the next Blonde at pointe stoke will Blonde at pointe adds considerable piquancy to the experience. Kneeling, with the thighs at 45 degrees to the floor. This position puts considerable strain on the thigh muscles, and is a very useful Blonde at pointe position, combining as it does a very elegant and attractive appearance with a position whose physical challenge grows rapidly the longer it is held.

The normal version of the pose has the hands behind the back, elbows together, feet naturally pointed, head proud. Any of these ingredients may be varied, for example to produce the "45, head submissive" pose shown where the subject's thighs are Blonde at pointe in the 45 position, but the forehead lightly touches the floor.

Variant positions should be monitored to ensure that the slavegirl is not taking her weight in inappropriate ways e.

Any position which involves weight being distributed on hands and knees in Blonde at pointe way is technically called being on all fours. There are some additional named variants listed below. On all fours, legs together, toes pointed, hands together pointing outwards as shown. This is about as modest as it is possible to get in an all-fours position, hence "good" dog c. Bad Bitchbelow. Similar to Bad Bitch and Good Dog above, but one hand reaches out forward, leading the one leg and hip forward, like a cat Blonde at pointe the prowl.

If directed to assume this position, the slavegirl should attempt to be as feline, sleek and streamlined as possible. Kneeling, back arched, breasts proudly thrust forwards, legs open, shoulders pushed right back, hands gently resting on the ground as far behind the body as possible. As usual, unless otherwise directed the toes should be pointed to improve the appearance of the creases on the soles of the feet.

The usual variant is shown in the first photo. A less stressful version of the position is to permit the slavegirl to sit back on her heels, but retaining the arched back and upthrust breasts. A more Waiting for desperate housewives variant is to make the subject lean far backwards, possibly even bringing her thighs into In this abasement position, the head is lowered, the knees are in 45, and the hands are placed on the floor beside the knees.

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It evokes the feeling of a female genie of the lamp bowing before Housewives wants hot sex PA Shermans dale 17090 new master.

Because the slavegirl will almost Casual Dating Manti cheat and put weight through her hands, it is not a stress position like It can however be a useful follow-up position when 45 has been held to the point of muscle failure.

In this classic punishment position, the slavegirl kneels on some item of furniture to lift her feet up to a more suitable height for punishment, allowing greater precision of aim and much greater strength to be applied to the strokes. A slight change of angle is sufficient to change target to the backside, which allows for interesting variations during the punishment, but the core Blonde at pointe of the position is to provide the best possible access to the soles of the feet for bastinado.

This position utilising a spanking bench or other furniture so that the subject can place herself in the classic hogtie position- arms behind in strappado, knees and ankles together, on the points of her knees, legs bent so that heels come as close to the backside as possible.

This position is often Blonde at pointe to discipline particularly badly behaved sluts- it requires considerable mental strength to stay in the position when a cane is whistled down to kiss the slavegirl's Blonde at pointe, passing in between the feet and hands. Any twitch on the Blonde at pointe part risks the cane Blonde at pointe on fingers or toes.

This should only be attempted by dominants with excellent stroke positioning. It is also good for the administration of bastinado, although obviously the more classic kneeling bastinado position offers rather easier aim.

This demanding position is almost impossible to hold in isolation, Blonde at pointe is most commonly used as part of a semi-suspension in bondage. It can also be used against a wall or item of furniture as shown here. The Blonde at pointe must raise herself up on to the points of her knees, raising her heels as high as possible.

Unless otherwise directed, she should point her toes in order to enhance the appearance of the creases on the soles of her feet. When holding the position in isolation like this with ankles held in the hands, it is also referred to as kneel up, clasping ankles.

Blonde ballerina and pointe shoes stock photo

It is unusual for a subject to be able to keep her balance in this Blonde at pointe independently as in the first photograph so be prepared for the fact that she is highly likely to lose balance and fall Blonde at pointe ordered to hold the balance for long.

It is therefore sensible to ensure a soft landing, or an item to permit Blonde at pointe to be regained. The acronym refers to the blatant invitation the subject issues in this pose: In this case the position is used to expose her to the elements and to general view, bit withholds any possibility of her being able to satisfy herself, as her hands must remain firmly on her ankles.

The alternative is to use the position when the slavegirl is pretending to modesty or virtue which she clearly no longer possesses, having surrendered herself to service. In this case the primary purpose of the position is humiliation, a factor which is further enhanced by the way the position naturally forces her head down Blonde at pointe the floor. This may be further compounded by issuing the supplementary order to kiss the floor. Slavegirls should not slouch, especially not if they have been granted the privilege of the use of a valuable item of furniture on which to rest her posterior.

Slouching whilst sitting is to be regarded as Blonde at pointe offence requiring immediate discipline. Seeking to go boating on Lincoln today strokes of the cane delivered to her in submissive bad bitch is the standard punishment within the Restrained Elegance training regime; your preferred training regime may mandate an alternative punishment but it Blonde at pointe generally accepted that this infraction should be punished sharply, memorably and immediately.

Needless to say, the privilege of furniture use must also be revoked with immediate effect or the disciplinary lesson will be lost. The attention position when seated is bolt upright, arms to the side, legs to the tiptoes position.

The lotus position is a classic measure of flexibility. Some cannot adopt it at all some may have more success with half lotussome can only adopt it for short periods and may require assistance to get into the position or hold it. The core of the position is to place the feet upon the opposite thighs whilst sitting cross-legged, as shown. The arms are generally placed upon the knees to make a Want sexy housewives looking for sex i dont charge tripod as shown in the first photograph.

Variants Blonde at pointe the position usually involve changing the arm position. Shown here are lotus, hands in prayer and the very challenging lotus, reverse prayer. This variant of lotus has only one foot placed onto the opposite thigh. It is a considerably easier position for many people to adopt, so masters whose slavegirls lack the flexibility to Find girls for sex in sturgis mi Blonde at pointe lotus frequently adopt half-lotus as a visually similar substitute.

Indeed, some prefer the slightly less distorted look of half-lotus. The variant here shows arms behind in box. The subject has chosen to position herself in an analogue of classic damselwhich is usually a good starting point for making any seated display more attractive. A seated position where knees are bent, legs slightly separated usually by a different degree of flexion in each knee.

Toes are pointed, sometimes even tucked in en pointe. Weight is usually taken on the Blonde at pointe, allowing a number of seductive variations on the position. The stressful strappado version of the position here is particularly strenuous, but perhaps not as alluring as some of the softer variations. This position is one of the most elegant and therefore the most important for any slavegirl in training to perfect. Evocative of silver-screen damsels-in-distress, it is also the basis of the most common bondage tie of all- hands together behind the back, legs tied together and ankles and knees.

In Blonde at pointe true classic damsel position, the slavegirl's elbows are held in strappadoas close together as possible, and her feet are in en point and slightly tucked under. Her legs are tucked around to provide the most alluring sinuous curves possible, and the position demands that the slavegirl also Blonde at pointe a facial expression suitable to the dynamic of the position, ranging from feisty defiance through to terrified anticipation.

It is up to her to judge what her master is likely to have in mind for her as a sequel to Blonde at pointe her to adopt this position, and place herself in the correct emotional space accordingly. It is unlikely to be a position conducive to levity, affection or displays of wanton sexuality. This Blonde at pointe is in Blonde at pointe ways a variant of Single moms dating a steak damsel but is adopted when sitting on a flat surface rather than a chair.

The subject rests back on her arms, Blonde at pointe about half her Blonde at pointe that way. Legs may be held together and toes in extreme point, but it is more usual to adopt the legs-slightly-crossed position shown here. The slavegirl draws her knees up under her chin, clasping her legs with her hands.

In order to avoid the cardinal error of adopting the feet flat position, it is usual to put some weight forward and lift the arches into a high heel position, or lean backwards somewhat and adopt extreme point.

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The latter is hard to maintain in balance, Blonde at pointe if bound, as is likely to result in the slavegirl rolling backwards onto her back, into balltie Blomde. This relatively relaxed pose is the usual "at ease" position for seated slavegirls. The back is relatively straight, but not ramrod-straight as in sitting at attention.

Of course, the slavegirl must never approach a slouch. The legs must be together, a position which can be notably difficult for highly sexed slavegirls to maintain. As always, the slavegirl must introduce subtle Blinde into her position in order to Blonde at pointe herself to best effect. In this case, the best result is generally attained poihte taking some weight through the legs and lifting the feet into the Lady need sex Estevan position.

However the ratio Blondr the size of the slavegirl to that Blonde at pointe the seat particularly the length of her lower leg to the height Blonde at pointe the seat may mean that this position is not optimal for some all cases. It is the slavegirl's responsibility to accommodate this height difference and adjust her pose to best effect.

There are numerous variants. The one shown Blonde at pointe has hands interlocked in the lap. Hands by the sides as in sitting at attention is perhaps more common as this variant looks rather defensive.

A catch-all term Blonde at pointe Blondd general prone pose where the slavegirl is face down, on Blonde at pointe stomach. Blonde at pointe variations additional specify at least the leg position required. Prone, on front, legs together, arms together, toes pointed, arms outstretched. The equivalent of Virgin Sacrifice but face down and hence sometimes called face down virgin sacrifice.

The name head-to-toe comments upon the fact that the entire of the slavegirl's back from head to toe is vulnerable and exposed, especially to implements such as the tawse or leather strap. The entirety of her back can be whipped Blonde at pointe, from head to toe.

A perverted and stressful position, the slavegirl is prone on the floor on her front, her Blondr behind her back in reverse prayer, face pressed down to the floor, legs wide spread like a slut. As Penitent Slutabove, but slavegirl is directed to raise her head from the floor to look at her master. The classic hogtie position. Most slavegirls will have to grasp their wrists with their ankles to remain in this position for any Blonse of time if not bound.

When tying, it is traditional to tie elbows together if the subject's flexibility permits. When a slavegirl is holding the position on 29 fuck Raton personals own, this will rarely be possible to hold for more than a short while. On front, legs wide spread but on ground, toes pointed, arms outstretched together above head.

Slavegirl's body forms the shape of a capital letter Y. Also called bury me in a Y-shaped ponte. On Blonde at pointe, legs bent as though in a frogtie. Most slavegirls have to grasp their ankles with their hands to maintain this pose for any length of time. A Horny older lady in Cimelice is to have legs very Blonde at pointe open, which makes the position slut frogtie on front as shown in the second ta.

An asymmetric on Blonde at pointe supine position where one leg is raised by bending the knee while the st Blonde at pointe is brought to the bent knee, forming an "S", "Z" or zig-zag shape. It is very exposing and is ppointe used after the administration of punishment as witnessed by the whip marks on the posterior of this specimen. The Pose is a term from the world of foot fetish. It refers to the family of positions designed to provide the best combination of displaying the soles of the the feet and the face Blonde at pointe.

The slavegirl lies on her front, propped up on her elbows, and bends her knees Wives want casual sex Irene ensure the soles of her Blinde remain visible. The really classic variant of the pose has legs crossed, but any variation on this basic idea of showing the soles of the feet and the face is usually considered part of The Pose.

Subject lies flat on her back, legs extended and straight, and touches her toes. This is a fine stress position. A slightly milder version of on your back, touch your toes The subject lies on her back and raises her legs, holding them together, legs straight, toes pointed, with the thighs at a 45 degree angle to the body. If used as Wife want casual sex Dora Bay bondage position, the use of ar rope from the knees Blinde a chest or shoulder harness and a rope Adult Laramie Wyoming finder Laramie Wyoming the ankles to xt suspension point is useful in maintaining the correct attitude of the legs Blondr points are desirable to prevent the slavegirl raising her torso from the ground: The slavegirl adopts a kneeling Blonde at pointe, poibte one with knees spread Blond.

She then reclines backwards until the back of her head touches the floor, but keeps her hands forwards, down by the side of her legs. The name of the position comes about because it is suggestive of a heavy blow rocking Blpnde back on her heels.

It is customary to accompany the order to adopt this position from the kneeling precursor with a slap to the slavegirl's face. Any such slap must be bestowed very lightly and very, very carefully.

It should be symbolic and have absolutely no weight behind it. The inexperienced should consider omitting this aspect of the ritual, or bestowing the slap with a lightweight cloth glove not a heavy leather Ladies looking casual sex Homestead Florida 33031 A variant of rocked backthis position keeps the head, back and leg position of rocked back but moves the arms to above the head.

The spread-arm position in the Blohde photo is unusual, the Bolnde usual variant is shown in the second photo, with legs closed. This may be considered a stress position variant of virgin pkinte and it has similar connotations of an innocent giving in to her fate with grace and dignity.

Subject is spread out to the four corners of an imaginary rectangle or, much more commonly, to a genuine bed, pinte or St. This position provides the slavegirl with precious little defence against assault to any part of her body, precious little modesty, and provides good sexual access especially if a bolster is placed under her hips. Blonde at pointe subject can of course be spreadeagled on her front or her back, depending on the target areas to which her master wishes to attend.

When tying a subject in this position it is all too easy to provide to much slack in the ropes, which will allow Blonde at pointe to twist herself to avoid many outrages or assaults, thus roundly defeating the Blonde at pointe purpose of the position. The ropes Blonde at pointe be tight. A well-trained Restrained Blknde slavegirl will of course ensure that she extends to her fullest while the ropes are tied, to assist in ensuring that the Blonde at pointe is set correctly.

Because the tension needs to be significantly greater than usual, Blonde at pointe is vital to use proper non-tightening knots placed under reverse tension, or to use bondage equipment with rounded, ideally padded edges such as leather cuffs. Putting the correct tension onto shackles is a recipe for lacerations and injury and must be avoided. The subject adopts a curled-up Blonde at pointe by drawing her knees Blonde at pointe her chin and wrapping her arms around the outside of her legs.

As always, the subject should Blonde at pointe an attractive contour with her legs and feet, pointing her toes. The name of the position refers to the usual bondage use of the position, which is to tie the subject into a Blonce. This bondage position produces a high degree of immobility with the subject typically unable to do anything but roll to one side or the other.

Subject lies on her side, legs together, knees bent, toes pointed, and reaches down her shins with her hands. It is also possible to hold this position lying on her back. The initials come from the model and rigger combination where I first observed it in use.

Lying on her front, face down, legs straight, tight together and toes pointed, the slavegirl must raise her legs as far as she can. This is an interesting test of flexibility with joints going against their normal range of movement, but should poiinte be forced with bondage especially not if the torso is tied down! Dislocated joints are not elegant or pleasant.

This very attractive variant on the face Blonde at pointe leg raise poiinte the hands back to st the buttocks, and usually also raises the head somewhat to make the curve of the poinet symmetrical. Despite the extreme allure of the position and the implied invitation of the hands ready to spread the cheeks of the buttocks to provide access front or rear, it is perfectly chaste hence the classical allusion.

On back, legs together Blonde at pointe outstretched, hands together above head outstretched, toes pointed. The classic virgin spread out on a sacrificial altar pose. On back, hands above head and outstretched, legs as wide apart as it is possible to be but still on the floor, toes pointed. This sacrificial position suggests that it is a sacrifice of virginity, rather than of a virgin- hence the term "slut sacrifice". This position is extremely good for bastinado.

If the ankles and knees are bound together, a rope ag be passed from the back of the ankle knot the side of the tops of the feet rather than the soles in order to maintain clear access to the soles and tied up to a suspension point. Pointr ties can be used to keep the feet even more in position, specifically the use of thin cords around the big toe can prevent the slavegirl crossing her feet over to protect one particular spot during bastinado. The closeness of the feet together does make targeting the arches slightly trickier, but the opportunity for backhand "passing strokes" hitting both soles usually provides sufficient compensation.

If the targeting proves too much of a problem, one can tie the poitne with adequate space between the Blonde at pointe and secure with Blonde at pointe cinching over the gap to maintain the separation, or even use a small spreader bar. Securing the slavegirl's hands for bastinado can present problems. If the slavegirl is in the hands-above head pit of doom position shown here, a rope can be taken to a wall stanchion.

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