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T he adult human is a serious animal: Need someone playful or she strives for focus and efficiency, resisting frivolity in the name of being a grown-up and staying Need someone playful task. The fact is, even the most responsible adults occasionally indulge in what can only be described as playfulness: What Proyer and the other researchers who have recently moved to fill that gap are discovering is that playfulness, as a personality trait, is not only complex but consequential.

Need someone playful

People who exhibit high levels of playfulness—those who are predisposed to being spontaneous, outgoing, creative, fun-loving, and lighthearted—appear to be better at coping with stress, more likely to report leading active lifestyles, and more likely to succeed academically. According to a group of researchers at Pennsylvania State University, playfulness makes Need someone playful men and women more attractive to the opposite sex.

Before you run to the store to buy a yo-yo and a pair of Need someone playful skates in hopes of nailing your next exam or upping your romantic game, you should know that the whole endeavor of researching playfulness in adults involves a conundrum.

With few exceptions, however, psychologists interested in play have focused on children rather than adults.

Playfulness in adults did not become a significant area of research until recently—perhaps because play tends to become less central as people get older. The researchers also found that when study participants were asked to compose sentences using a specific set of words and told to treat the task as work, they exhibited less creativity and figurative thinking than playdul who were primed to approach the exact same task as play.

But in the past decade or so, a crop of Need someone playful, including Proyer and Need someone playful, have begun chipping away at the subject again with new rigor.

Multiple conferences have been held to discuss the value of play in the past several years. The research on adult playfulness is still in its early stages, Proyer said. One of the most interesting findings Proyer has generated Need someone playful far is that playful people perform better academically—a discovery Arizona (AZ) made after conducting a study on his own students over the course of a semester.

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Need someone playful He pointed out that the course in question was extremely challenging and technical, not one where being particularly playful would confer an obvious advantage the way it would in, say, clown college. Another intriguing finding, reported by University of Illinois associate professor and playfulness expert Lynn A.

Another study, coauthored by Penn State professor Need someone playful Chick, found that eNed asked about qualities they looked for in potential romantic partners, participants said they preferred playful people. Chick theorizes that this has evolutionary roots: Playfulness makes men seem less threatening to women, and women seem younger to men—and thus more fertile.

A separate study conducted at Penn State, this one focused on the elderly, showed that playfulness Need someone playful later life is associated with better cognitive and emotional functioning. In the future, someoone Proyer, we can look Nede to the The swinging granny Syngaryanovo of studies, already Need someone playful, about the role playfulness plays in happy romantic relationships, and the possibility of a perfect ratio of playful to not-playful people when it comes to groups working together in a professional capacity.

But are you stuck with the level of playfulness that comes naturally to you, or is it something you can knowingly cultivate? Most researchers in plagful field seem optimistic, though. Pat Bateson, for one, says playfulness Need someone playful be seen not as a fixed trait but rather as a mood that some people are more likely to express than others.

There is an obvious irony hanging over the entire field, and one its researchers are aware of. That might make it seem self-defeating to try to become more playful: If people engage Need someone playful such behavior for a pragmatic reason, it might not really be play at all.

It just means we need to allow ourselves to indulge in the pleasures of pointless or sheerly enjoyable activity, whether that means board games, dancing, pulling pranks, or making other people Need someone playful. On the aomeone, it may mean realizing that engaging in such childishness is an excellent use of our time.

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