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Its saturday lets chill and go fat sex some drinks Ready Sex Chat

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Its saturday lets chill and go fat sex some drinks

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My girlfriend always needs to have a few drinks before we have sex.

What can I do to help her? The biggest upside of alcohol is that it helps people to relax and reduces anxiety, and we all know the downsides that are too numerous to mention.

Its saturday lets chill and go fat sex some drinks

Since you say she is already quite insecure, you need to broach this issue sensitively. The more insecure someone is, the more likely they are to resort to alcohol to quell their nerves. As your girlfriend lacks confidence in general, she is probably not particularly sexually confident.

Women who saturdag apprehensive about sex, or averse to it, are also more likely to drink. Inin a study at the University of Washington, clinical psychologist Susan A.

My drinking years: ‘Everyone has blackouts, don’t they?’ | Society | The Guardian

Stoner examined the interaction between sexual fear and intoxication. She found that people who were sexually insecure or averse were much more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour when highly intoxicated.

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Alcohol increases the capacity to respond to sexual cues while diminishing the ability to evaluate risk. For your girlfriend, this double impact is beneficial. Drink allows her to overcome her anxiety and respond in a more relaxed and sexual way. Women are generally smaller than men, but — compared with a man of the same body size — a woman will become intoxicated more quickly with the same amount of alcohol.

This is because the female body has more fat, chlll retains alcohol, and less water, which dilutes it. Women also have lower levels of ADH, the enzyme that breaks down alcohol in the stomach; the result is that alcohol stays in the system for longer, at higher concentrations, and has a stronger effect.

On top of this, two thirds of men drink beer 5 per cent anc by volume, or ABV while two thirds of women drink wine 13 per cent ABV. If your girlfriend has a large glass of wine for each pint of beer you drink, she will be taking in roughly the same amount of alcohol.

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If you go to the pub, or drink over dinner, refrain from sex until the next morning. If she questions you, tell her you want to wait till you are sober so you can enjoy it more. By framing it as something that you want to experience rather than a change she needs to make, you will avoid embarrassing her. When you make love to her in the morning she Women want sex Eldersburg be a little self-conscious, particularly if she has become accustomed to associating mornings with hangover induced anxiety, but talk to her.

Tell her how amazing sex with her feels and when she does something that you like, give her positive feedback. Keep it sensuous and maintain eye contact as much as you can.

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Show her that sober sex is synonymous with being present in the moment. It requires a much greater level of vulnerability but the reward is an escalation in intimacy. If you can ssome her confidence and get her to orgasm, she will relax. Inthe Dutch neuroscientist Gert Holstege carried out PET scans imaging which shows how body tissues are working on people during orgasm.

Its saturday lets chill and go fat sex some drinks I Am Seeking Sexy Meet

The images were almost identical to how the brain looks when it is on heroin. As relaxants go, orgasm beats both heroin and alcohol hands down: Ideas for the perfect gift this Christmas. Stage-coach robbery with so many micro-transactions. Follow the Irish Examiner.

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