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Wedding make up and hair. Portrait of young and beautiful woman with Hot blue green eyed girls smooth skin in tropical leaves. Concept of natural cosmetics and skincare. And there can be a mixture of different hews, which create hazel. There are a number of theories about the origins of blue eyes. Because we see specific ethnic groups with higher numbers of blue eyed people, it is thought there is a genetic factor at play. For example, individuals born in Ladies looking casual sex Greenacres City, Ireland, Scotland, England and northern Italy seem to have a higher proportion of blue eyes when compared to other countries.

Some people refer to these as seaweed color. At Hot blue green eyed girls time, it was thought that if a person was born with blue eyes, it meant that their father had a dominant gene. In fact, this theory was so relied upon that it was taught in most high schools and colleges. Think back to your biology courses. Inhowever, a paper came out in the American Journal of Human Genetics that did away with much of what we thought we knew about eye color.

The current thinking now suggests that there are 16 genes that influence eye color and that having a family member with a dominant gene may not be all that important.

The debate rages on regarding the origins of blue eyes. The newest research points to the possibility of blue eyed people having one common ancestor; postulated by the University of Copenhagen. Through a series of genetic mutations occurring over millions of years, which happened as part of adaptation, blue eyes have become part of the human race.

We still do not know if the color blue in eye color serves a Hot blue green eyed girls function. If you have green eyes, consider yourself to be in a very special club. We see people with green eyes all over the planet. The higher concentration of this color including hazel eyes can be found in most all of Europe. Interestingly Hot blue green eyed girls, we also see shades of green in western Asia.

Just like blue eyes, green eyes are thought to be part of the human species as a result of genetic adaptations. Mankind as we know it has only been on the planet for aroundyears.

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But if you trace girrls human ancestry using a geologic timescale and take into account adaptation, Sexy guy moving to Poland nearly pinpoint our beginnings to Hot blue green eyed girls million years ago — during the Pleistocene Epoch.

At some point during the evolutionary period, green Hot blue green eyed girls started to appear as part of humanity. Some scientists think there was a functional aspect involved, which may have been the result of extinction events.

Most predominantly, this color appears in Caucasians. Why this is the case is still a mystery. Brown eyes are the most prominent color on the planet. Like the other hews mentioned, we are not sure how many people have brown eyes. Learn All About Them. We see grene and women with brown eyes all over the planet. The largest concentration of people with brown eyes, including brown-green gidls, can be found in southern Europe, Africa and throughout Asia.

South American people tend to have darker colored eyes. Tectonic plate shifting may be the causal rgeen when Pangea broke off and formed Africa eyer South America. Watch this short video below for more insight. Some scientists believe that most early humans had some form of brown; but they are unsure why. Brown is thought to have been a camouflage color as part of human adaptation, thereby allowing Hot blue green eyed girls man to hide in the brush during the hunter-gather stage of development.

All of the previously mentioned material has brought us to the topic of blue green eyes. What exactly are they?

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And why do some people have one blue eye and one green eye? Blue green eyes are no different than the other eye colors mentioned before when it comes to origin.

They are thought to be part of human evolution as part of adaptation. Learn Why They Are Special. Perhaps the most fascinating part of blue green eyes relates to their origin. The research suggests that the mixed shade of blue green only started appearing in the human species around 10, years ago.

Several scientists think the blue green adaptation happened sometime Mature woman in Libnyaki the last ice age, which was some 8, years ago.

Here is Hot blue green eyed girls direct quote from the research, appearing in Human Genetics in on this topic:.

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When you cut through the scientific mumbo-jumbo, the scientists are basically saying that blue and green Hot blue green eyed girls come to us from Scandinavia but that a mixture took place girl some point with people mating in modern day Mesopotamia. True blue green eyes are extremely rare.

To qualify as having blue green, one must have a hint of both colors in the iris. This is a distinctive feature that separates people who have hazel eyes, where either green or brown are prominent.

A person can also have blue green eyes if there is a different color in each eye. For example, actor Josh Henderson has one Hot blue green eyed girls eye and one green eye.

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Scientists think there are some people born with different eye colors aka: The name of this condition is heterochromia. When a person is born with blue green eyes, it is the direct result of genetics. As mentioned previously, there are 16 known genes involved with the process.